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Anyone here make their own effects?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by tallguybcs, Jul 12, 2001.

  1. TOday Im gonna try to make my own simple distortion pedal, anyone try this and have any advice for me. THis seems real interesting to me, it may even become a new hobby.
  2. Yep. I used to build my own effects, but even for a professional electronics engineering guy, building my own just takes too darn long. I spent 5 months designing and building on this (see attached) one.

    Building a distortion may be worth wile, because it is the easiest effect imaginable, if you don't want tone and blend knobs. Just take a variable gain buffer opamp to drive a pair of anti-parallel diode (germanium type), buffer the output with another opamp, put a volume knob on the output, and basically, you're done.
  3. That thing looks WACKED. Space 1999 all the way. What are the controls? I would love to build a touch-sensitive phaser or something....envelope controlled effects are where its at for bass IMO.
  4. Its just a real simple volume only distortion pedal. All its gonna be is a toggle on/off switch and a volume knob, my first project with anything like this, is coming ok, a little ugly on the inside, but I should be done by tomorrow
  5. I'm interested in making my own pedal, but I'm really dumb and don't know how to do anything :(
  6. Same here JR but maybe that's why they made multi effects pedels
  7. Rockinjc


    Dec 17, 1999
    Made a noise gate with front end slope to it.

  8. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    Piece o' cake! With (not much) prior electronics know-how,
    I picked up Craig Anderton's "Electronics Projects for Musicians".
    That book is so simple, even a guitarist can understand it :).
    The only problem I ran into were those dang stomp switches.
    Everything else - R's, C's, IC's, Transistors, even Cu-clad,
    etching acid, and resist tape/pen - I could get at Radio Shrack.
    I remember Craig suggesting using a car's dimmer switch if need
    be...Ya' see kids, back in the old days, cars had...:p .

    Nowadays, Stew-Mac has a nice 3PDT stomp switch. A tad
    steep at ~$17 / pop tho. They've got Craig's book too. It must
    be in it's 20-something'th printing.
  9. The knobs 'n lights are: Gain, Clean volume, disto volume, disto gain, fuzz volume, rectifier volume, phaser speed / on-off, octaver volume, harmonic enhancer volume and mode, octaver volume and mode, 3 band EQ, output volume.

    A phaser is very hard to construct and takes a lot of ICs, Rs and Cs, and adding a touch circuit makes it even more complicated. So I gotta warn you: try something more basic first, like a slowgear, if you ever want to build an effect yourself.

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