Anyone know a good fret guy (gal) in NYC?

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  1. Does any body know of a good fret person in the NY Metro area? I tried looking on the internet, but, kept getting someone in upstate N.Y. I just want somone to look at my Yammer to see what actually needs to be done without a runaround. The frets aren't quite as smooth at the edge of the neck as they could be, but, I think some of them just have to be filed. I'm almost positive the fingerboard did not shrink. It's a $400 bass, but, I love the sound. Yes, I am a perfectionist. ;)

    Mike J.
  2. I searched a little harder, and this is what I found:

    Now, don't I feel silly? :(

    Mike J.
  3. If you are a perfectionist.Then one name comes to mind in NYC. Roger Sadowski.
  4. I have a bass I hope to refret in the fall. I've been looking as well.

    I've seen Jimmy's work (at the bassboutique - same as guitarboutique), and it looks good.

    Roger quoted me a price that was higher than anyone else. I'm sure the work would be great, but...

    If you can get out to Long Island/Queens, I've had a couple of people recommend Joe Pickhur in Floral Park.

    Hope this helps.
  5. Hopefully, I'll be able to bring my bass (Yamaha BB5N II) to the guitarboutique this Saturday. When I do, I'll post the results. I think it just needs a fret dressing, but, I might ask them to do a few other things as well.

    Mike J.