Anyone know a good(low price) source for maple fretboard necks?

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by dryheatbob, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. The hook is it's got to be a 22 fret neck.

    I just picked up a used Hamer Cruise import that I want to mod. What I've got in mind is refinishing the body in a light colored stain if the maple body has a good look to it(nice grain, matching woodstock,etc) or black if it's not a good candidate for a stain finish. I really want to go with a maple fretboard neck, but I can't find a source other than Warmoth. Since this is a low buck bass, the idea of spending 3-5x the cost of the bass on a neck doesn't sit well with me.

    I was hoping Mighty Mite or possibly Allparts would have one, but their websites only list 20 fret necks, and list them as Fender replacements at that. So no luck there.

    Anybody know of any other sources that won't cost more than about $150?

    I know $150 doesn't seem like alot, but 20 fret Mighty Mite necks are going for about $75 on ebay and list for $135 on their site. What I've seen of them(and read here) tells me that it's a good product, especially for the price.

    Anybody know of anyplace I can find what I'm looking for?
  2. Hi...saw your post on the Hamer Fan Club site, too. Usually, if Fender-style necks have more than 20 frets, the additional frets are on an overhang or shelf that extends over the body. That means that the scale length remains at 34" and you can use a 20 fret Fender replacement neck like the Mighty Mite with no problem in that respect. Before ordering, you will want to be sure that the neck pocket on your bass is compatible with the Mighty Mite neck; that will be your biggest issue.
  3. I wondered if what you said was true, but read somewhere on the setup board that tne notes wouldn't line up with the proper frets and intonation would be off. The thread I read must have referred to a neck that didn't extend the fretboard onto the body.

    Looks like I may be back in business!

  4. You can find Mighty Mite necks for less than $100 every day on e-bay. Again, you will want to measure the width of the neck pocket on the bass to make sure you don't buy a neck that's too wide or too narrow to fit properly; I believe most Fender compatible necks are 2.5" wide at the 20th fret. The Hamer board is full of nice, helpful guys but they are mostly guitar players and most only know information about USA Hamers.
  5. I'm awful at measurements, so I'm actually going to ask my father in-law do that. Retired NASA engineers love that kind of specific, empirical data kind of stuff.

    With some luck, it'll have the same dimensions as a Fender neck- they are pretty much industry standard in terms of dimensions.

    You are so right about the guys on that Hamer board- I keep looking around the forum for the kegger. Nice bunch of guys.

    Nothin' wrong with the guys here, either.;)

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