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Anyone know about Ashton AB1100's???

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Spikyone, Jun 16, 2007.

  1. Ashton,.... it's a brand name that often makes musicians either laugh with derision or shiver with disgust.

    But recently I picked up a battered old AB1100 through-neck, bass, expecting it to be a cricket bat, I was surprised that the neck was extremely comfortable and beautifully playable, with a near perfect action and no hint of fret buzz.

    So I plug it into a Roland amp at the shop, My God, sweet tone and as much punch and growl as you would ever want. The intonation near enough to perfection for me. I annoyed everyone in the shop by playing and fiddling with it for a solid hour, then I bought it straight away.

    OK , I admit that I thought about grinding out the "Ashton" inlay on the headstock to avoid the stigma associated with the brand name but, bugger it, I'm not going to indulge in that sort of behaviour.

    Does anyone have any info on the Ashton AB1100? Was I just incredibly lucky to find such a good one? What woods are used in their construction? (looks like maple and walnut). ?

  2. A9X


    Dec 27, 2003
    The early Ashton NT basses were very good. I suspect they were 'overbuilt' for their price point at the time as a way of establishing a name, but they never seemed to and now all I see are cheaper designs no different really in design or quality to a myriad of other cheap entry level stuff - all of which I bracket into a special category: blah..

    They get no respect but as you've discovered are quite good instruments and certainly better than what they typically sell for. Mine are well made, excellent fit and finish, great frets, very stable, decent hardware (tuners can sometimes be iffy, but mine are fine) and decent enough pickups, but the pre is the limiter (an OBP pre really brings them to life). Nonetheless, I've not found many other basses in stores that I'd buy and IMO/IME certainly better than many others in the price range. An 1105 recently went around on Oz ebay and didn't get any bids from a $A350 start. SX's are typically $A300-350 new, and I'd rather have the Ashton for the money.

    Enjoy yours. I have 2 x 1105 and a 1505.
  3. A9X


    Dec 27, 2003
    If you can play, the only people to care will be other muso gear snobs, and really, who cares what they think?
    Plenty of people here are happy to play out with SX's, and why are they superior to your 1100?
    Not sure what the woods used in the construction are, I just know mine are stable and sound fine. Probably local timbers. My 1505 has a flamed maple top.

    I beleive these are were made in the same factory in Vietnam that the current Washburn Taurus basses are, and possibly some of the similar Peavey's, but don't quote me on that last one.
  4. Thanks for the info mate. Very helpful. This thing compares favourably to the brand spanking new Cort A4 that I was going to buy for seven times the price, and that's with old strings!
  5. Apparently, the AB1100 is made out of mahogany and rosewood. which , combined, add up to the near-perfect tone wood.
  6. I would be interested to find if there is an Ashton distributor in the USA. I think I would like to have one of their 300 watt tube heads.
  7. brittanytears


    Mar 11, 2018
    Gidday spkyone,just bought ashton 4 string active bass,plays beautifully,I wouldn't grind the name either,nothing better than blowing people with a inexpensive bass
  8. brittanytears


    Mar 11, 2018
    Sorry, blowing PEOPLE away,lol
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