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Anyone know anything about Goodfellow Basses?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by staxuk, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. staxuk


    Mar 23, 2010
    Sunday night a guy approached us just before we went on stage, told us he’d seen the band before and would like to give us a few old bits of gear for us to sell and boost the band fund a bit.
    There were a couple of amps (or speakers as he called them) and a bass guitar.
    As my bass player plays upright and knows nothing about electric the guy asked my opinion on how much he thought we could get for the bass, there was no name on it and I didn’t recognise the G logo, to me it looked like a run of the mill cheapo type of thing and my estimate was about £75!!!!!
    Got up Monday morning had a better look at the bass and found the name Goodfellow on the bridge and Handcraftd in England on the headstock.
    Found the Goodfellow web site and spoke to Bernie the guy who made the guitar in the mid 80’s who informed me it was worth a bit more than I’d thought!!
    I’ve contacted the guy who gave me the bass and he is shocked, obviously we are giving it back and he can decide what he wants to do.
    Although it’s in great condition one of the battery connectors needs a clean up and the pots are a bit noisy possibly because the things been sitting in a case for years.
    I did a bit of homework on it yesterday and It’s an 80’s Player, herringbone green to black burst? I believe they used to be made in Croydon UK. We were playing just up the road at the Carshalton ex servicemen’s club so there may be a link there?
    I’m not here trying to sell although it’s still in my possession for the time being it but would appreciate any info I can pass on to the owner when he picks it up.
    Thanks in advance
    Kevin Webb
  2. mr.hughes


    Sep 12, 2005
    Some of the Goodfellow basses were also made at the Lowden Guitar factory in Newtonards, N.Ireland. I'm not exactly sure of the time period/serial numbers. But what I am sure of is their quality. Lowden's are renowned for their fantastic acoustic guitars and build/sound quality.

    I've had several basses made by a luthier who worked for Lowden for many years and got to play his own personal Goodfellow. They really are top notch. If you can get it for $75 - well, fair play ;)

    Have a search on Google for the Lowden connection.
  3. staxuk


    Mar 23, 2010
    It's definitely one of Bernie's he described it down to the last detail over the phone.
    Looking at some of his creations it's not the best looking one I've seen.
    We are giving it back but I live quite a way from Croydon so not sure how long before the embarrassed owner comes knocking on my door, he just better be carrying a something nice to drink ;)
    Not sure how my honesty would of stretched if it had been a nice Telecaster ;)
    Here are some pics taken this morning.
    Serial no under neck 003

    Attached Files:

  4. staxuk


    Mar 23, 2010
    Sent Bernie Goodfellow the pics and the serial no 003 and received an email back stating that this guitar was one of the first of 150 he'd personally built before they moved to Lowden.
    He has asked if he can buy it back for nostalgia :eek:
    He informed me he was born in Carshalton (which is where i was given this bass) 57 years ago this coming Thursday.
    You couldn't make it up but I can assure you it's true.:cool:
    Kevin Webb
  5. I've never owned a Goodfellow but I have played one and it was lush. I remember a review in 'Guitarist' magazine in the early 90's that had me drooling over the review model.

    Granted "yours" looks like one of the plainer models, but they're still available - although like Michael Tobias, Bernie Goodfellow can't use his own name on the basses now, he's continued under the GB banner and his basses still look lush

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