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Anyone know anything about SWR workingman 10 bass combo amps? Mine's broken...

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by StealthBanana, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. Hi, I've owned this amp for a few months now until I noticed a rattling occuring inside the amp. One day my amp didn't even turn on despite all the power supplies I tried using and my pedalboard always showed a signal so I knew something was wrong right away. So I unscrewed the back compartment of the amp and have a look inside. Turns out the power supply came unbolted from the console and was only being held by the wiring. Due to the tension after moving the amp around the positive and negative (black and white) wires came undone not from the power supply, but from whatever circuits they were connected to on the board itself. I need to re solder the wires, but I'm not very sure to which circuits they belong, and I know screwing it up can fry the amp completely, so I wanted to see if there are any experts here who may be able to help me get this fixed on my own because I know this will cost alot of money to get done in a shop. I'll leave images below which show the little power supply box (looks like a metal square) sitting on the left side of the circuit board and you can see the ends where the black/white wires are disconnected. If anyone can give me instructions or provide insight about this then I would be extremely grateful! Thank you and God bless.


  2. You're going to need to post a bunch of detailed pics if you want help. Also, I'd recommend you try to track down a schematic for it. SWRs schematics are usually easy to find on line.
  3. Looks like the primary wires for the power transformer. One should be to the power connector (the prong where the power cord plugs in) and the black either to the power switch or fuse holder (need a close up pic).
  4. Yes, that was where I suspected one of the two cables needed to be connected to. I also think I know which prong the other wire needs to be re soldered to but am unsure which needs to be positive/negative between the two. Also I just noticed out of the other end of the power supply (that metal square thingy in the picture) there are three red wires wrapped around eachother that are connected to the circuit board and one of those wires also needs to be re soldered (pics coming soon).

    Thank you guys so much for your assistance!
  5. and after a third glance I'm 99% sure where the split red wire end needs to be re soldered, I'm still mostly confused about the black/white ones though.
  6. Zoom in on the lower right.


    Twist the wire and black wires together before soldering (keeps humming noise down).

    I'll try to do the same for the loose red wire when you get that close up.
  7. Thanks for the tip B-String! Here's some more close up pics...

    This one shows the section with the two prongs where the black and white wires need to go:

    Here's one of the prongs where the black/white wire needs to be re soldered (not sure which). It's the prong underneath the one with the black wire connected and I'm assuming this must be either for the power switch or fuse holder that you suggested:

    Overhead shot of the same prong:

    Here's the prong that is connected to the power connector on the other side of the cabinet that you mentioned earlier (it's just beneath the red wires and you can see the right prong already has a connected wire). Again, not sure whether it needs to be the black or white one:

    Here are the red wires coming out of the opposite end of the power supply from the black/white wires. I'm pretty sure that loose red one just needs to be connected on the left circuit next to the other two red wires since all of those other circuits are already connected to something:

    And finally here's a close up pic of the entire circuit board:

    Hopefully this helped, I don't think I can be really more specific with the photos but if anyone needs me to then I will try. I hope this helps make sense of things!
  8. Zoom in between the black wire and red wires.


    Were you able to see the white and black lines I added to the first pic? Using a laptop glide pad sucks for graphics ;)

    I am 98% certain on the RED/Yellow wire (at least it looks to be RED/Yellow could be RED/White). The schematic you linked was not complete but that should be the transformer CT.

    Crop for the while and black wires.

  9. Were those clear enough? Or do I need to do some of your other pics?
  10. B-String, you are a godsend man thank you!! I will pass this info onto my roommates and hopefully we can get to work on this. I thought I was correct about where the wires needed to go, just was unclear about which wires corresponded to each prong but you have made it clear for me. Thanks brother (-:
  11. Rock-on Bro!
  12. Nice work B-String!! One more thing to take care of is the root cause of the problem. The mounting of the transformer to the chassis. It looks like the one tab has broken and you should affix the transformer securely after or before you repair the wiring. If you just want a quick "Hack" fix you can drill a couple holes and use a plastic zip tie to hold it in place. A better solution would be to use a metal strap with nuts, bolts and lock washers.

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