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Anyone Know What October 13th Is?

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by Stewmc5222, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. Mark Wright's BIRTHDAY!!

    a very Happy Birthday to the man who introduced AccuGroove to the world. I know that he and his partners in crime (Susie and David!) will be busy working today like it was any other, but I wanted my friend to know that I'm thinking about him today!

    from the depths of gratitude,

  2. Jean Baudin

    Jean Baudin

    Aug 27, 2003
    redwood city, ca
    Endorsing Artist: See Profile
    Happy Birthday Mark!!!

    Stay Healthy and Sexy! "Housekeeping"!
  3. YC8


    Jun 23, 2004
    Happy birthday, Mark :) :bassist: :hyper: :D
  4. elros


    Apr 24, 2004
    Proprietor, Helland Musikk Teknologi
    Happy birthday Mark!
    And thanks for building me a bass speaker! It makes me happy!
  5. FireBug


    Sep 18, 2005
    Happy Birthday dude! :bassist:
  6. Gregory Bruce Campbell

    Gregory Bruce Campbell

    Apr 14, 2002
    Helena, MT U.S.A 59602
    BEE basses, Morley pedals
    Celebrating 50 years of one seriously incredible human being!

    happy 50th b-day Mark!
  7. Happy Birthday Mark :)
  8. jacove


    Apr 12, 2003
    Aalborg, Denmark
    Congrats, Mark....What would bass playing be without an EL Whappo!!!! :bassist:
  9. Whappo Grande

    Whappo Grande

    Feb 9, 2002
    Santa Clara, CA.
    Manager: AccuGroove Speakers
    Many mega thanks guys! I am actually taking today off, so this is my first & last check in of the day as my wife kidnaps me for the next 8 or so hours. (she won’t tell me where she’s taking me)

    After my heart attack 3 months ago birthdays tend to take on a new meaning. Everyday above ground is a good day in spite of other issues going on. God gets all the glory for me being alive & I couldn't be more grateful to Him for wonderful friends like you. :D

    AccuGroove Speaker Cabinets
  10. more power to Susie! enjoy the day, sir!

  11. NJL


    Apr 12, 2002
    San Antonio
    Don't know Mark personally, but one day I will get some of his products!!!!

    Happy B-Day, Mark and thanks for your time on TB!

  12. effbee


    Mar 9, 2002
    Happy Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
    Mark, we too are thanking God for your life!
    Have a great day with Susie...celebrate big!

    Fred and Petra :cool:
  13. jive1

    jive1 Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member Commercial User

    Jan 16, 2003
    Owner/Retailer: Jive Sound
    Happy Birthday Mark!

    Thanks for building a phenomenal cab, and being a stand-up guy in the Biz.