Anyone know why my wife is cross with me? I can't work it out.

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  1. Need to learn two new songs for a gig tomorrow - draw a line between the band members on the map and I'm in the middle, so makes sense to all come to me - we're a Beach Boys tribute, so we all sing, and the two new songs have us all singing different parts through both these new songs, so we need to allocate the parts, learn them individually then put them together and check our in-ears have the right stuff in them. Simple so far.

    Seemed easiest to me to simply set up the show in my living room. Fair enough with the PA, the mixer, the stage rack, my 8 x10, keys, drums and the guitarist's kit it's a bit tight, but we can squeeze in the mic stands, and the mics for the kit - so the P16's work. I don't get what the problem was. Sure you couldn't actually see the carpet, get through the doors into the back room, or find anywhere to park because of the 4 cars outside. Fair enough it's was a bit loud, but the TV in the kitchen is very quiet. The piece of gaffer tape the drummer stuck to the wall that pulled off a chunk of paint was a mistake anyone could make, and the biscuit (cookies) tin was probably nearly empty anyway - that probably applies to the milk in the fridge, the coffee and the donuts that were for our grandson the next day. Is playing the same song about twenty times that annoying? - Any way, we only really sang just the chorus of the song twenty times, not the whole thing.

    I'm sure I can fix the two tram lines in the carpet in the hallway - this is my fault anyway for not telling the drummer the brakes were on, he just thought the case was heavy, and hell, he IS a drummer.

    So guys - what did I do wrong?
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    You got married. :p
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    Ba - dump --- tsssss.
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    Aug 1, 2016
    The troll is strong with this one.
  5. Did you close out with " Don't Worry Baby"?
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    funny! good luck with all of that! :thumbsup:
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    I have ADD, I can't read the entire OP.
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    This is my answer.

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    the songs you picked suck.
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    It's nothing, she's fine, there's nothing wrong, why do you keep saying that? I'm fine, it's nothing.......................
  12. Geez...that's not very nice. Are you just trolling?
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    I don't see the issue, it's just for one day, right? That's what I tell my wife when anything comes through the door with casters on it.

  14. Tell her that her pants look a little snug, ask her if she's been gaining weight.... she'll forget all about the other stuff
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    You probably went out looking like THAT.
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    You know what you need to do? Go and buy a new bass. f10pb8001.full.jpg
    She'll like it.
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    Well, maybe I'm a "wife" today.

    Let's see. My wife comes home one day and says that her yoga class is going to be in the living room.

    1) I can't use pretty much the wheel downstairs of my house for several hours one night. Can't watch the Red Sox except on the tiny upstairs TV, which I have to crank up to get over the "relaxing" music from downstairs.

    2) I don't like yoga or the music and moans and groans that go along with it.

    3) the yoga instructor drags a big case of junk across my carpets leaving marks on it.

    4) The instructor tapes charts on the wall which leave marks on it when removed.

    5) There are sweat stains when they leave.

    6) They drink all my beer before they leave.

    Yeah I'm pissed. You gotta look at it from her angle.

    By the way, I would have raised holy he!! at any band mate of mine who was IDIOT enough to stick tape on my wall.....or drag casters not rolling over my carpet. My wife would have had to get in line to crack his skull.

    If your story is true, you were a bit of a dipstick that night. And you dragged a few more dipsticks into your house. Gotta go with her on this one.
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    And you'll have a new set of problems, forever. She'll be bringing that one up 12 years later when you least expect it.
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  19. Steve


    Aug 10, 2001
    Tough love time:

    Hey guy, listen. You can NOT let this get out of hand. You have got to control this kind of stuff before it get's any worse.

    You need to tell whoever it is you are dealing with that it's your$#@ house, you will do whatever you want and THEY need to just shut up and go make a sandwich tray for the guys when they show up.

    Go tell her now, we'll wait....
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  20. You've forgotten a birthday or anniversary or marriage guidance councilor appointment.

    Buy flowers and a card that says "I don't know why you are mad, but I'm hoping flowers will fix you"
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