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Anyone living in Sweden?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by zanthrax, Feb 14, 2002.

  1. Hi!

    This is a post direct to (the few?) on TalkBass who liv in Sweden. If I would like to try some great basses (especially 5:ers) can you recomend a store? I'm prepared to travel (I currently live in Piteå)... The price range I'm interested in is aproximitly 10-20 000 SEK (around 10-20 000$).

    (I wrote in english so I wouldn't confuse any lost non-swede... :D )
  2. hujo


    Apr 18, 2001
    Stockholm, Sweden
    Oh my! Another Swede, and one from Norrland! This is great. I'm actually coming to Piteå this sunday, our musicschool is paying a small visit to Framnäs, and Musikhögskolan. About the basses, I don't really know of any stores with that kind of selection up here. In Umeå, we have two musicstores, neither with very good selection in your pricerange. They have a couple of basses in your pricerange. Warwicks, Ibanez, one of the stores have a Neuser and a Status that have been there for ages. That's about it.. I'd recommend taking a stand-by flight to Stockholm, and look around... But if you're too lazy for that, check out Frii's and Musikanten in Umeå.
  3. Christopher


    Apr 28, 2000
    New York, NY
    I was just there! (Not a resident, though.) Can anyone recommend a good instrument store in Gotenburg? I have a feeling I'll be back on business.
  4. Oysterman


    Mar 30, 2000
    Not really. What we have here in Gothenburg is a load of Warwicks, some Musicmen, the occasional low-end Yamaha, MIA and MIM Fenders, I think an NS electric upright (if it's not been sold), a used old lower-end Wal fretless (ditto), some European Spectors and a lot of Korean instruments (Samick, Cort, Spectors, Eagle a.k.a. Brownsville...).

    In Stockholm, you might find some MTD Kingston or Grendel, some Neusers, Peavey Cirrus, Yamaha TRB... But the selection in this country is piss-poor compared to most good stores in the US or the nicer stores in the UK. No Sukops, Foderas, Sadowskys, Tobiases (well, a used Gibson Growler), Alembics, G&Ls, Zons, Roscoes, or similar. Most instruments can be ordered, but I haven't seen many really nice basses in stock anywhere.

    You might want to take a look at MUG. The store owner, Bruce, is a crazy old Brit and while most of his staff are morons, you can occasionally find some nice used instruments there, and a Musicman or two.

    But most music stores in Gothenburg pretty much suck, bass-wise. I believe anyone who isn't a huge fan of Warwick or Musicman would think the same.
  5. Oysterman pretty says what needs to be said about Swedish music stores, but there's something I'd like to add. Music Men aren't that easy to find, unless you live in Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö (the three largest cities). I'm brought up in Linköping, the fifth largest city in Sweden, and all I ever saw there was Yamahas, Ibanezes and other Asian basses. With the odd MIM Fender and lower end Warwick thrown in. I remember seeing a Warwick Thumb (NT) around for years and years. Then it changed stores (at the time there were only two music stores in that town, and they did seem to cooperate a bit), came back and stayed for a couple of more years. After a while the staff noticed some scratches, took a wee bit off the price, and then it disappeared. Maybe someone bought it. To sum it up, the stores seem to think that they can't sell anything that costs more than, approx $1 000. Pity.
    Anyways, Stockholm seems to be the place to go (I lived there for a while, and loved visiting all the stores around town, the vintage market is quite good) if you want to shop for a bass. Choice is limited though.

    BTW Oysterman, what kind of Wal are we talking about, how much is it and where can I find it (got any URL:s)? I'm dying to try a fretless Wal out you see.
  6. I must also add that I'm a bit surprised that we never see any nice European basses, except for Warwicks and the odd used Status, here in Sweden. One would think that it would be quite easy to send for basses from Germany, compared to getting them from overseas. I've seen some Schacks, and some Neusers, but that's about it. Where are the BassLines, the Ritters, the Eshs, the Marleuxs, the LeDucs? I could go on for hours...
  7. Suburban


    Jan 15, 2001
    lower mid Sweden
    Uh, I might be able to fix you up with a BassLab....

    Otherwise, it has all been said: we, the swedish bassist community, are treated with a pole by the shop owners! There are only the high series-low prices brands available. And Fender (who are high-high:mad: )

    I'd suggest you use the phone. Call Luleå, Skellefteå, Umeå and Stockholm (use the yellow pages).

    Je ha fell telefon i Pite? (sa skelletpajken):D

    If interested, have a look at my home page.
  8. Hello!
    It's not every day you see a Swede here (exept Oysterman).

    Well I would like to advice you all to check out "Basscompany", It's a musicstore devoted entirely to basses.


    I have never bought anything from them, or visited the shop. But I think that every bassplayer in Sweden should know that there actualy is a bass-store.

    Besides that I know that Musikbörsen in Gothenburg has some more expensive Warwick basses like a fretless thumb and so on.

  9. Badenough


    Dec 30, 2000
    Oslo Norway
    I'm not living n Sweden but Oslo Norway. Same problem. We have a store in Trondheim that carries MTD, Lakland and a few others. Not a huge selection though.

    Take a trip to London. Bass Centre Whapping High street or The Gallery in Camden town London. Top service. Topp gear. Airfare to London is approx approx $75 with Ryan Air or any other low price carrier.
    It is worth it and a couple of days in London is always nice. Lots of music and fun.
  10. Thanks for all the help. Sadly enough all you've said pretty much confirms my picture of the swedish bass market... :mad:

    What are your opinions about theese basses?

    Fender MIM Jazz Bass Deluxe 5
    Yamaha BBN5A
    Yamaha TRB-5
    Ibanez BTB 405
    MTD Kingston V

    They all cost around 10 000 SEK. I stated that my pricerange was up to 20 000 SEK but I'm thinking on buying a better amplifier at the same time... But if I would find a 20 000 SEK bass that I adore then the amplifier will have to wait... :D

    Since I play all sorts of styles I need a bass that can do all ssyles... So in the in upper price range I'm interested in some Warwicks (e.g. Streamer Jazzman & FNA Jazzman). I woulde gladly recive suggestions on basses that "can do it all".
  11. True, we've got BassCompany, which is great. Not that I've visited their store, but I've been salivating a bit over their website (mmm... Status Graphite). ;)
    And, as well, we've got Suburban (sorry I forgot about you, I've visited your site a few times, and if I'd been in a band at the moment, and perhaps a bit richer, I sure would've liked to test drive one of them BassLab basses), but I'm yet to see a BassLab in a store in Malmö or Lund. The most expensive, and perhaps best, bass for sale in Lund is an MIM Fender Jazz. Maybe that tells you something...
    Anyways, I've heard rumours about a store dedicated to bass in Copenhagen, does anyone know anything about that? I've just been to a store close to Ströget (might be called Super Sound or something like that) that usually have some nice basses, but with signs on them that tells you not to play them unless you're going to buy them... :mad:
  12. Damn I didn't know there were so many swedes here :D. I acctually think some of the music stores here in Stockholm are pretty nice, but maybe that's just because I'm not looking for one of those "monster-basses". BTW I just got a Warwick Corvette Standard (active) WOO HOOO!!!
  13. I agree with you Joch. I've been having lots of fun at Jam, Estrad, Tip Top, Halkans etc., I sometime even miss living in Stockholm because of the nice music stores. But then again, the selection of basses could be just a wee bit bigger. You see way too many Fenders and Warwicks everywhere (not that I dislike any of those brands, but still)...

    Aldrig får man vara riktigt glad...

  14. Oysterman


    Mar 30, 2000
    Hmm... I think it was called "Pro I". If that is correct, it being a Pro I makes it a part of Wal's lower-end series. Single humbucking pickup towards the neck. Looked rather old with it's cracked sunburst (I think) finish. Pretty good condition otherwise. Fret lines on rosewood board. Could have been ash in the body, at least that's what the other Wal Pro's were made with.

    It was strung with flatwounds and it sounded warm and cozy, although nothing like the other famous fretless Wal-player, Percy Jones. I wasn't too impressed with it, but I am one of those who "need" a bridge pickup on a fretless!

    Anyway, it's gone now. Someone bought it for the (I think) 9,000-something kr they asked for it at MUG (www.mug.se).

    EDIT: It's hard to type when you're half asleep.
  15. well, a single pickup fretless Wal wouldn't be that tempting. I agree with you on the bridge pickup preference for a fretless. If I were to defret one of my basses, it would be my Streamer, not my P. I would prefer definition over warmth, if I would have to choose between the two.
  16. Oysterman


    Mar 30, 2000
    Zanthrax: Looking for a bass in the 10,000 region? Call JAM in Stockholm and ask if they have any of the 10,000 kr Peavey Cirrus basses left. I got myself one, will have it in my hands on Monday or Tuesday. :D

    Better act quickly, because an opportunity like this doesn't come around too often! (Du kan nog som jag få 14 dagars öppet köp ifall du inte skulle gilla basen.)

  17. Oysterman I would do that as soon as possible if they were 5:ers... (I tend to visit www.jam.se quite frequently...) I already have a 4 stringed bass (not a high end but I like it) so my next bass will be a 5 stringed one...
  18. BassDom


    Dec 1, 2001
    Bet you damn swedes are happy your team beat our Canadian team...bastards!

    lol, ah well, you guys played a much better game than us...

    Anyway...as you were saying...
  19. Down


    Sep 11, 2000
    I´m would even say I´m suprised how many
    people in here lives in Scandinavia.
    I just seem to be the only Finn in here.
    But, anyway, I haven´t been played that Yamaha BBN5A, but at harmonycentral, in the reviews- section it was played, and sentence for it was
    really good. 9 of 10, if I remember right.
  20. FretNoMore

    FretNoMore * Cooking with GAS *

    Jan 25, 2002
    The frozen north
    Another Swede reporting in!

    Finding high-end basses in Sweden isn't too easy, most stores seem very reluctant to stock any nice ones. The exchange rates have hurt as, as well as our horrendous sales tax (25%!) and customs fees. (I hope that didn't start a political discussion, I hate our tax levels). I have found that importing is the only way to go, and preferrably from somewhere within the EU. The Bass Centre in London is one source. Another alternative, which I haven't tried myself yet, is why not combine a weekend trip to London with bass shopping? Would IMO beat going to the theatre which many seem to do. Could be that your significant other wouldn't be too happy though. :)
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