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Anyone played an Alembic Orion 5?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Garrett Mireles, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. I just graduated from high school on Friday and so far I've gotten $610 (I have a job, I'm working the rest) from relatives, and I've decided to put it all into a new bass. I've been looked at getting a used alembic orion 5. I'm familiar with the alembic sound, but I've never heard the orion series. Can anyone enlighten me on it's sound? How would it fair in a heavy metal setting?

    And for the record, I live in hawaii, and all the music stores are garbage, unless you play an ukelele or acoustic guitar. so there's no chance in hell of me finding one at a store. :rollno:
  2. tsointsoin


    Apr 16, 2004
    You would need more money.
  3. I've written a review about my Orion 4 some time ago (see the gear reviews). I simply love it, the sound is very 'natural'. Electronically it's definitely not in the same league as the Series I and II, but some people see that as an advantage. The Orion is a set neck instrument which gives the body wood much more chance to add it's character to the overall sound of the bass (something that's almost not the case with a neck through construction). So please choose your top wood very carefully (if there's a choice). Personally I'm very pleased about walnut. In short: IMHO you can't go wrong with any Alembic (I should know, I've got 3, all very different)

    Good luck! :)
  4. Wayner


    May 7, 2004
    Maryland, USA
    I can't speak for how the B string on an Orion 5 sounds (I have an Orion 4 w/a vermillion top) -- but I'll ditto what The Mule said re: it being very natural sounding. I bought the Orion (used) primarily because I was looking for something that wasn't neck-thru, simple to use, and a clearer, more versatile version of a Fender J bass. As far as how it sounds in a metal setting, I have absolutely no idea :)

    Don't buy an Alembic (or any other bass for that matter) without playing one first!!!
  5. No, I've done the research. I know how much a used one sells for.

    As for natural sounding, what do you guys mean? I'm having a hard time imagining it.
  6. The sound has an obvious acoustic quality to it, which in fact is the case with every Alembic. Besides that it's got a reasonably traditional tone, but very hi fi, and that's a real difference when compared to Alembic's flagship Series I and II basses that give you very original, characteristic sounds with every little turn of the filter control. The Orion should appeal to a larger group of people because of it's traditional side.

    But you should realise that sound is (1) very hard to describe and (2) a really subjective factor. Finally: for your information: the Orion has the same electronic setup as the Epic and roughly the same as the (neck through) Essence. You should at least check one of these out before buying. As for visual appeal, IMHO the Orion has a great 'understated gothic' look that's perfectly fitting for metal purposes...

  7. Thanks, you helped alot. :bassist:
  8. Baofu


    Mar 8, 2003
    What are Orions going for, new/used?
  9. vacman


    Mar 8, 2004
    portland, or
    Ah i have serious GAS for one...the hi fi sound by Mica and crew is so good. Used Orions I have seen at BassNW for around $1500. If you can find one for $600 first of all dont tell me :D and second be VERY carefull with the transaction. Alembic keeps all the serial numbers on file so call first and find out if it is the real deal. Dang Alembics are fine...just so much money... :bawl:
  10. Here's an Epic fiver, for about as cheap as I've ever seen one:
    Get ahold of the Chili Peppers' album "One Hot Minute," Flea used an Epic to record it, and the Epic is roughly identical to the Orion except for body carving. And flamed walnut doesn't suck. :cool:
    (who's almost done paying for his Series II. Yay!)
  11. Just found out that the BassPlayer achive contains an 'Ultimate 5-string Shootout' (bottom of the 'gear' page, january 1997 article) that features the Orion 5, comparing it with a whole lotta others. Very extensive article, very interesting & very good (IMHO). This will get you several steps further. Good luck!
  12. i get to try out some alembic soon YAY!, first on the list is a 2nd hand 4 string epic...with zebrawood top if a can remember properly, and a mark king :smug: , but i think dave (dnburgess) also has an orion, might have to give that a try but im hopin the epic is really nice, i love the looks of it
  13. alembic76407


    Apr 29, 2004
    I have two Alembic's, a Series 1 and an Epic, I use my Epic for club work, the sound is 100% alembic and they can be had for less than $1000 and it won't kill your back or your wallet