Anyone played the ESP LTD Tommy Stinson Signature PJ bass?

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  1. Sorry the TS-4. Curious about it... haven't been able to find many reviews. 51QquHxPmyL._SL1000_.jpg
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  2. Brock I have n 't played or even seen in person the Stinson sig bass.

    In my 3 Vintage 4 s , my
    Black has a Fender ' 62 p / Duncan Vintage jazz combo , the sunburst has EMG active p / j and the CAR has the EMG - X active p/ j set with BTC preamp .

    My experience has been that either EMG is a great choice in these basses and think the Stinson would be great as well . In this model both the LTD and ESP versions have the same pickups and the build quality on my LTD Fretless 214 and fretted LTD 204 is great .

    I would be happy to add either Tommy to the collection . I 'm a huge original , back in the day 'mats fan as well .
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    Aug 16, 2000
    Cool bass
  4. TinIndian

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    Jan 25, 2011
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    Kind of funny to me to see a Tommy Stinson Sig model. I was a huge Replacements fan back in the day and it just doesn't compute in my head.
  5. Would love a "little Tommy Stinson bass". Was just looking at them the other day. I would have to buy the LTD one though, the other costs more than his tonsils would.
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    Jul 29, 2015
    I'm a HUGE Replacements fan for the record. I'm an even bigger Gun N' Roses fan. When Tommy became a GNR member it brought him to a whole different and higher standard of being a professional.Thats what got him the notoriety for the signature bass. That and his bass tech at the time had a connection/relationshipi with ESP