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Anyone running avatar 2x12 and 1x15?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by orskard, Oct 2, 2004.

  1. orskard


    Mar 17, 2004
    I was thinking about that today at practice. it seems like it would be a MONSTER rig. 2x12's and a 15. talk about some low end.

    i was thinking about doing it, selling my 2x10 of course. I bought the 2x10 because i was in a punk band at the time and everyone told me to get it. and now in my blues band the 10's dont cut it.

    it seems like a 2x12 and a 1x15 would be pretty versitle.

  2. I do use that combo and it kicks out the serious low end. Great for blues.

    I guess the grass is always greener on the other side because I feel like I'm missing the upper mids of 10's. If it were me I would keep your 2x10 and add a 2x12. That would truly be versitile.
  3. orskard


    Mar 17, 2004
    yah, but just seeing your avatar, lol, makes it look so much more powerful, than a 2x10.

    i probally will end up with a 2x12 and using my 2x10 because im lazy and wont want to ship out the cab.

  4. Th9nker


    Mar 18, 2002
    "I would keep your 2x10 and add a 2x12."

    I'm thinking about running that set-up with an Ashdown evo 500...
  5. BillyB_from_LZ

    BillyB_from_LZ Supporting Member

    Sep 7, 2000
    Until I recently downsized my rig significantly...I had a pair of 1x15s (one Avatar), a pair of B212s and a pair of 2x10s (one Avatar).

    While the 2x12s sound great, I decided to part with those since the 15s gave me the lows I wanted, the 10s gave me the upper mids that I wanted (that the 12s didn't have), etc. Plus the smaller cabinets are a lot easier on my lousy back.

    I'd recommend keeping your 2x10 and adding a 2x12. Supposedly Dave has them on sale right now, so they're an even better bargain.