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Anyone tried the Ampeg pn410 or pn115?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by BluesBass1, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. BluesBass1


    Jul 12, 2012
    Gages Lake, IL
    and if you have....... how does it compare to the heavier versions(if you have experience with those)?

    if they sound as good they would be worth the extra money to me to be able to transport something that weighs half as much as long as i can get the same quality sound.
  2. BluesBass1


    Jul 12, 2012
    Gages Lake, IL
  3. BullHorn


    Nov 23, 2006
    I ordered one but it will only arrive in 1-2 months... JimmyM and other Ampleg fanboys said it's as good as all of the Ampeg gear.

    We'll see.. :x
  4. JimmyM


    Apr 11, 2005
    Apopka, FL
    Endorsing: Ampeg Amps, EMG Pickups
    Slight correction...I am not an Ampeg fanboy...I am an Ampeg fan ;)

    Actually I've never tried any of the PN cabs. But the way Ampeg describes them is "sounds like Ampeg but they're a little tighter and clearer."
  5. bassguy72


    Sep 7, 2011
    I have all of the pn cabs and they are awesome........only down side is they are pricey.......
  6. BluesBass1


    Jul 12, 2012
    Gages Lake, IL
    yeah , they are expensive.......but i want to go 1st class and be done with it......
    besides, i figure they money i spend now to get the best sound in the lightest package will save me money later with the back doctor.

    couple questions.....
    1. will a pn410 fit into a Ford Taurus trunk?
    2. what amp are you driving them with?
    im considering any of the ampeg svt hybrids,portaflex 500, or even the classic.
    3. do the pn series come with casters?
    4. do you think the pn series is a step above the pf cabs sound wise?
  7. bassguy72


    Sep 7, 2011
    Okay,I'll try to answer your questions......the pn410 is pretty compact so I'll say yes to #1.....the 410 I drive with a 7 pro,the 210/115 I drive with a heritage svt or a pf 500.....I also have a mb 200 micro that I'll use sometimes as well for #2....the 410 and 115 come with casters for #3.......the pn cabs are definitely a step or two above the pf cabs......not knocking them at all....they r very good...just my opinion..... like I said these cabs r incredible even compared to the hlf and classic series....but they r PRICEY......lol....for #4...hope this helps
  8. BluesBass1


    Jul 12, 2012
    Gages Lake, IL
    that helps a lot.........
    on the heads.... could you compare their sound?.... i play contemp blues/funk/soul......some blues rock..... but never super loud rock stuff........small/medium venues.
    would the pf500 be enough for this situation and does it sound at least close to svt sound?
  9. Spfairchild

    Spfairchild Supporting Member

    Oct 23, 2005
    Endorsing Artist: MTD Basses, Genzler Amplification, GHS Strings, Tsunami Cables, Sonic Nuance Electronics Contributing Reviewer: Bass Gear Magazine
  10. I approve.

    I got a great deal on Craigslist for a pair of the PN-115HLF's. I've ran the cabs with both an SVT-IIPRO and SVT-7PRO. I actually prefer the 7PRO with the pair but the tube head is a close 2nd.

    Both 115's easily fit in the back seat of my Hyundai Sonata (sedan). They can get loud but remain clear and can handle the power the SVT7PRO gives. I think the cabs open up with more power. I do a number of gigs with only 1 cab as that will work for small/medium gigs. Big stages or outdoors I prefer 2 unless there is PA support.

    Cab build is top notch. Solid, durable finish, lightweight, although slightly bulky IMO but not overly so when carrying. I prefer to run 1 cab with the tweeter off and the other at about 10 o'clock. The tweeters are not harsh at all and sound good but I'm not big on tweeters. I also recommend if you do not use 1/4 speaker cables to earplug the inputs. Handle position is good.

    For blues & rock these cabs should satisfy as long as you dig the 115 sound.

  11. bassguy72


    Sep 7, 2011
    Yes....the pf500 is definitely in the ballpark
  12. bassguy72


    Sep 7, 2011
    Actually if u do not want or need the power of the 7pro with 2 cabs,and do not want to mess with tubes,the pf500 is a great choice......especially at it's price point....it sounds real good with any of the pn cabs......
  13. I'll 2nd the PF500 being in the ballpark of the SVT. A decent onboard compressor too. I do prefer the 7PRO though for a clean SVT sound.

    I did use my PF500 once at rehearsal with one of my PN-115HLF cabs and it did sound bootylicious. But, the head was not cranked and I only used it at a rehearsal volume level. Currently, I use the head with the PF series 210HE and while that cab sounds good I definitely prefer the PF head with my 115 (ported) compared to the 210 (sealed).
  14. bassguy72


    Sep 7, 2011
    Yes.....definitely about the 7pro being closet to the actual svt....a great weight alternative....... although the heritage..... oh yeah......
  15. BluesBass1


    Jul 12, 2012
    Gages Lake, IL
    thanks for the helpful info guys...........went to GC today and was able to try the PF500 and the svt7pro into both a portaflex210 cab and a 410hlf classic.
    they didnt have a pn410 there to try but im guessing it sounds close to the classic.

    one thing i noticed .......its hard to decide what sounds better without playing with a band or at least some music to see how it blends.
  16. the SVT-410HLF puts out a big low end. I'm not sure if the PN Series 410 would produce that same amount.

    There's a review in Bass Gear Mag Issue #7 of the PN-410HLF here. Hopefully it can help your decision...


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