anyone tried the curbow 6?

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  1. i'm lookin for a 6 string around this price and so far i am very impressed with what people have to say....anyone had any experiences with it?
  2. Yeah, I've got Planet Boulder's old Cort Curbow 6. It's pretty good for what I use it for... chording, soloing, sight reading practice, etc.... the neck is fast, with a nice, thin profile. The body is really small and will fall off your leg if you play it without a strap. It seems very well made, all of the hardware is rock solid and works just as it should. It has 17mm string spacing, which is pretty standard for a six. The Bartolini MK-1 electronics give it nice, balanced tone. It doesn't have a "woody" tone, because the body is made of the composite Luthite. It's kind of hi-fi, to use that overused term.

    I no longer use it with my band because my G&L sounds so much better for that purpose. I think the Cort Curbow 6 is a good bass for funk, jazz, and stuff like that, but the tone is a little bit lacking in aggressiveness for rock. For what it costs, it is a pretty good bass and an excellent first 6 string.
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  4. :) Will do, man.... how is the Kingston working out?