Anyone upgraded a Fender MIM Jazz?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by funkysurfer, Jan 25, 2001.

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  1. I was playing a stock MIM Jazz the other day and I liked the way it played. I want to know, has anyone upgraded to active electronics, and if so, what did they use, and what do they think? I am in the market for a solid 4 string, and I really love the way the Ernie Ball Stingray plays and sounds for the money. However, I am looking for that kind of punch, but I would also like versatility. I play both percussively and melodicly and I was wondering if I could get that punch and versatility out of the MIM Jazz with upgraded electronics? Any feedback and/or insight will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in Advance

  2. We dance all over this topic about once a week. Check my profile, and observe:


    I love my upgraded MIM Jazz. No actives for me, though.

  3. I upgraded my MIM Jazz and I've had a lot of questions about when I got my new bass!

    I used the same DiMarzios as Throbbinut, plus I shielded the pot cavity and pickup cavity AND pickguard. Where before I had to hold on to my bass to avoid feedback and hum from other electronics and everything, now I can stand with my arms above my head and there isn't a bit of noise.

    It's a rockin' setup now, and I'm really glad that I made the changes.

  4. FS,

    Since this is more of a setup question, I moved your original post to the Setup forum. you can continue it there. This one is closed.

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