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Anyone use a foam mute on their Jazz bass?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Bassa Nova, Apr 5, 2018.

  1. I have a Precision bass with flatwounds and a Jazz bass with pure nickel rounds.

    I love the Jazz but was always looking for something slightly warmer and am still considering getting a Jazz with flats. However, I experimented using a foam mute by the bridge and it is pretty close to the perfect tone for me. It reduces the roundwound string noise and adds just enough decay-yet is still very articulate.

    Anyway just wanted to see if others have had a similar experience with using a foam mute on a Jazz with rounds (or flats for that matter)?

    Best IMG_4373.JPG
  2. No, I use the original spring-mutes. And I pair those with LaBella flatwounds (0.045). Perfect sounding strings with or without mute. The spring-mutes are a bit more "musically", since they don't dampen so hard as a piece of weather-strip does. It eats a bit in the overtones, but not as much in the sustain.

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  3. GrapeBass


    Jun 10, 2004
    Graphic designer: Yorkville Sound
    My FSR brotha! I use the dreaded (LOL) Daddario XL Half-Wounds which help (IMHO). I've tried to put a foam mute on and prefer it without (I do use foam on my fretless acoustic guitar-bass). I LOVE the organic woody tone from this Ash-bodied/Rosewood fretboard bass. So yeah, if you're against trying the half-wounds, flats are the way to go.

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  4. Great looking FSR! Enjoy! I love mine. It was my first bass - bought new in 2008 (well matched two piece body). I have Labella Jamerson set on my P bass (talk about vintage vibe). The strings on the Jazz are Fender 7150 Pure Nickel. I like these strings as far as rounds go but the mute really takes it there for me. Someday I will grab another Jazz and string it with flats (maybe Fender 9050).
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  5. You might try GHS Pressurewounds on your Jazz. That's what I've been using for several years. They will warm it up even more than nickel rounds which I use on my G&L 2500.

    I have used a foam mute on my PBass but not my Jazz Bass.
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  6. Thanks. There seems to be a fair number of folks who swear by either pressurewounds or halfrounds. I will have to give them a try sometime.
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  7. They do fit certain playing styles quite well and will also lower finger and fret noise. I especially appreciate them for fingerstyle on my Jazz Bass and I'm think pretty seriously about using them on my G&L too. I have a set of DR Pure Blues on it now.
  8. Played more with the Jazz the other day. The tone with a mute is very warm, pure and focused. A very vintage tone in every setting that I have been looking for in the Jazz for some time. Flats would be great (for a second Jazz) but I am loving these nickel rounds with the mute.
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