Anyone use Audioscrobbler?

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  1. I came accross this (a programme that logs what tracks you listen to) when doing a Google search to see if my bootleg/mashup alias (and now bass solo artist name) "Barry Beatmaster" was being mentioned-

    and found this- beatmaster

    617 plays for "benny's gay bar" (a mashup of Electric 6's "gay bar" over the Benny Hill theme) :p

    (and 1 play for Don't you want eminem, which was my first attempt at a mashup, and is embarassingly bad :oops: )

    pretty funny how something I threw together in an hour or so gets a mention (also in this chart of fave short songs- ), yet the stuff i spend ages working on never does...... :crying:
    always the way, i suppose....

    ps. Benny's gay bar can be found here-
  2. Frank Martin

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    Oct 8, 2001
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    hah! Thats funny! :D
    Admit, you never did expect this to happen, did you? :D
    And as for your other works - perhaps they are too complicated a listen for just ordinary listeners? (if it is jazz)
    You might want to get your stuff a bit simpler/more harmonic/easier
    just my $0,0001 worth of advice ;)
  3. dunno, I think it's more that the music is so different, in style but also in mood-
    the gay bar mashup still makes me laugh, and I suppose that's why people listen to it, but they probably wouldn't listen to my bass tracks or band tracks, as they'd find them depressing or even disturbing.

    I experienced a similar confusion when I joined my present covers band, after a few years of playing to empty venues in original bands, and found there were lots of people coming out to watch mostly the same old rock covers set.