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Anyone use the EMG PJ-X setup?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by The513Sojourner, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. The513Sojourner


    May 31, 2011
    I know it's considered bad form by some folks on TB, but I am going to upgrade the PJ pups in my lowely little Ibanez/Soundgear GSR200FM. Has anyone installed a set of EMG PJ-X, and if you have, what were your thoughts?
  2. I havent done the PJX upgrade but did go with the EMG P and the EMG LJV pups in my GSR200.
    I also dumped the PHAT EQ, used the solderless harness kit, and added GHS Pressurewounds.
    I wanted to keep the bass simple.
    Im really liking the mix of tones from this combo

    Hope this helps, though they are not the x series pups.
  3. The513Sojourner


    May 31, 2011
    Hey, another Ohioan (513 is Cincinnati's area code), and a Nitrobass head and a GSR200 in "Jewel Blue" to boot. I run mine through a beater Peavey 2x15 cab though. ;) We basically have the same bass, aside from mine's got a flamed maple top. The FM top isn't what sold me though. I just bought the bass that felt the best and played the best out of what GC had on hand that was in my price range.

    Anyway, thanks for the reply. At least there's someone else on here that swapped over to the EMG solderless setup in a Soundgear. Did you have to do any cutting or routing to the body, or was the swap pretty straight forward? I'll trust you on the Pressurewounds. I've tried a few different strings now, but always keep going back to the Ernie Ball flatwounds. An odd choice for a middle-aged "punk" band (we play everything from Circle Jerks type hardcore to Op Ivy type ska/punk to early Green Day'ish power-pop), but they actually work well.
  4. heya fellow ohioan!!
    I did have to do a little opening up for the bridge j pup.
    Not much at all though.
    I got the bass pretty cheap at GC myself.
    Since I dont plan on ever selling it, I figured why not?
    I didnt like the sound of the pickups or the strings that were on it
    so I took the dive.
    Very nice bass now. Lots of options but not a classic P tone,
    which I will be getting P bass to cure that.
    I jumped back in after a 30 year lapse.

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