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Anyone use the Sabine RT7000 Rack Tuner?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Ibanezzer, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. Ibanezzer


    Aug 12, 2004
    Dayton, Ohio
    Hey i'm looking for a very good, acurate tuner. I've used the plastic tuners before but haven't really liked what i've worked with, but i do need a good tuner and i've been looking around reading reviews and such and have to come across some bad remarks about the korg 1000 tuner which lead me to do more searching which has brought me to thinking about the Sabine RT7000 Rackmount Tuner. I'd prefer a rack setup as i do not like carrying around little things that can get lost and i really like the rack look and want to keep the floor clear of any "extras". I'm just wondering if anyone here uses the sabine tuner and what you think about it. Also does it work directly in the line of the signal or would this go into the effect loop on my amp? I've got a peavey bass amp (basic 112), which has a post-eq effects loop, but since this is post-eq then i'm thinking it would not register the right tones, would the inline signal setup be the best position of the tuner?


    - David.
  2. Electronic tuners are pretty fool proof as far as design and functionality goes – there’s no reason you wouldn’t be happy with the Sabine.

    I considered one a few years ago, but went with the Furman PL-Tuner instead.


    I went with the Furman because I couldn’t see wasting a full rack space with a tuner, especially when the portable ones are so small. I needed a power director anyway, so it made perfect sense to combine the two into one unit. If you have other gear, the PL-Tuner gives you a place to plug it all in and one-switch power up for everything.

    My only beef with it was that there was no rear input jack, only front connections. Pretty dumb, IMO. I mean, if you’re using a rack, you don’t want a bunch of patch cables hanging off the front of it, do you? Fortunately it was an easy fix. I ordered a second input jack from Furman (actually, they were nice enough to send it to me free :) ) and installed it in the rear panel. After that it was just a matter of tying it to the front jack with a short shielded cable. That puts a signal line back there where all the power outlets are, but since it’s only an input (not through) I haven’t had any problems.

    Unfortunately the PL has been discontinued, but it shouldn’t be hard to find one on eBay. There are probably a few e-tailers that still have them, but I don’t think they’re worth the full asking price - $200 or more.
    A tuner doesn’t care about EQ. Anyway you can get a signal to it is fine – an effects send, aux, line or pre-output, direct from the instrument, etc. Since you’re using a regular amp, many of them have paralleled inputs, so you could just run a cable from the second jack to the tuner.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt
  3. Ibanezzer


    Aug 12, 2004
    Dayton, Ohio
    hey thanks for the advice man.