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Anyone used C H Guitar Basses from the UK?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by derrenleepoole, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. Found a company in the UK called C H Guitars. They offer a range of 6 string basses for £180. I know at that price the quality is likely to be compromised - but experience has taught me that might not always be the case. Westone a good example of this.

    Has anyone had an opportunity to use these basses, and if so, what was your reaction/response/critique of them? For £180, they'd possibly make a great, not too serious noodling bass. If you know what I mean.
  2. They look like fairly standard Far East imports, which will probably mean reasonably good construction, fairly crappy pickups and good value for money. Which is good - there's no Rondo Music in the UK, and these look fairly decent - certainly better than the Shine stuff that you see everywhere. Now if they start offering a good, cheap J or P-bass range, a la Rondo, they'll be onto a winner.

    But, looking at their site... did you see the copy of the Steve Vai Jem guitar (the Z500-WT)? Now that I like! :D Whack a pair of DiMarzios in that and you're all set for cheapo guitar onanism!
  3. dlloyd

    dlloyd zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Apr 21, 2004
    Or, if you're into Stairway onanism, there's always this for the princely sum of £199...

  4. The lead guitarist in my band would explode in a tumescent whirlwind of ecstasy if he saw that... all the rest of us in the band would hate him though. :D
  5. Found a website for a company called The Musical Instrument Megastore. They're offering Yamaha and Dean guitars at ridiculously low prices. The Dean Edge Q6 is up for sale at £356 with £10 delivery! They've listed the normal selling price for this as £549. I've heard Dean basses are very good value for money. Does anyone else agree?
  6. themrdinosaur


    Apr 2, 2008
    I've bought about 6 guitars from ch every one has been amazing, the quality of the wood, feel and set up is always first rate, what i would say though is you may need to change the pickups if you want a true first rate sound, for example i bought one of his flying v's, replaced the pickups, and i now use this instead of my genuine SG for all my gigs and recordings.
    I also tries his 6 string through neck bass and it was honestly one of the nicest basses i have ever tried.
    So def worth a shot

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