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Anyone watch the NBA Skills Competition?

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by StanFan, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. If you did, what did you think of it?

    I'm glad that Jason Kapono repeat as 3 point champion, and there were a few interesting dunks, but overall I was disappointed. Being from the Toronto area, I was rooting for Moon in the dunk contest. Unfortunately, he screwed up his second dunk which cost him a shot at the finals.

    Dwight Howard deserved the dunk victory, but I've gotta say that the Superman dunk was easily the most overrated dunk I have ever seen. It was basically a dunk that you see every night in basketball highlights except he unveiled a costume. He also stepped over the tape line he set up. Definitely not a 50.

    Gerald Green should have did his first dunk shoeless instead of his second because he did basically the exact same move both times. His "Birthday Cake" idea was sort of interesting, but I prefer seeing dunks with less props and more flash.

    Oh, how old is Jason Kidd's son because he looked really young and I swore he had a mustache.
  2. I think Dwight Howard did a pretty good job in the dunk comp. His first dunk was impressive. The others were more "showmanship" than they were skill, IMO. I enjoyed watching him.

    I was really disappointed with Moon. I was waiting for the dunk from beyond the free throw line. It looked like he had no chance of ever making it from that far.
  3. I sort of agree with you. The think that got me was that he made NO contact with the rim. It looked more like a forced layup to me. He released the ball while he was still a long way from the rim.
  4. Dunks, Schmunks... You all are talking about dunks and 3-pointers. I thought this thread was about the Skills Competition. :confused:

    My man D. Will was awesome in winning the Skills Competition. It seems that every time he goes up against the supposedly "superior" Chris Paul, he ends up kicking his a$$. :D

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