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apeg svt 4x10 hlf help

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by warwickben, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. so i go to gc, and buy a new svt 4x10 hlf. i come home and i hook up my cheapey 100watts head (i was going to use it till i got a power amp iam switching to a preamp power amp setup).well i didnt even play for 10 mins and i blew the fuse, i replaced it and when i tuned it on and it would do is make a werid sound threw the speakers. i tried two cabs and two differnt cables. no luck, my dad is bring the head to get fixed if it can, well i wanted to see if my cab was messed up so i got my little fender pratice amp, it has a ext speaker jack so i plug my cab in to that.well i ended up blowing up the fender amp after like 15 mins. from every thing i have red on this site they say u cant hurt a cAb or head by sending not enough power to a cab. i didnt even have the volume pass 9 o clock 2 or 3 ish. do u guys think there some thing wroung with my cab or i was just dumb for trying to use wat i did as a head.
  2. Scott D

    Scott D

    Apr 21, 2003
    Minneapolis, MN
    What 100 watt head do yo have? I doubt your little fender practice amp can run 2 ohms. The SVT-410HLF is a 4 ohm cabinet. I'm sure that your fender amp can only do 4 ohms, so thats where that would be blown.
  3. BillyB_from_LZ

    BillyB_from_LZ Supporting Member

    Sep 7, 2000
    What cheapy head did you blow...the brains of your Carvin combo? I think that those have a minimum rated impedance of 8 ohms. The 4 ohm Ampeg would toast the amp if you ran it too long, too hard.
  4. the carvin head says 100 watts 4 / 8 ohms on the back. o well so i guess i just did some thing really dumb. does any one know any thign about nady power amps, i was looking at getting one till i get more money.

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