Apogee GIO Keycap is Backward

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by warnergt, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. I've had this Apogee GIO for a while (five months). My boy
    has used it more than me with his guitar. Believe it or not,
    I never noticed that one of the button symbols is backward.
    The "forward" button (>>) points to the left.

    Is there a way to pop these off and put it back on so that it
    correctly points to the right? I've been wiggling it and, so far,
    it doesn't seem to budge. I don't want to apply too much
    force that I may damage it. Is anybody familiar with these
    buttons and how to fix this problem?

  2. I contacted Apogee about this problem. They said, "That is not
    a user-serviceable part." They wanted me to send it back for
    service. It didn't look so complicated to me so I decided to
    take a look for myself.

    To open the unit, you first have to remove the endcaps which
    are held on with three Philips screws.


    Then remove the rubber pads on the bottom. They are held on
    with two screws and double-sided sticky tape. After that, you
    can slide the bottom cover off.


    Opening the case reveals three printed circuit boards.


    Remove three Philips screws on the back of the unit to free
    the main circuit board.


    You can now access the upper button circuit board.
    I started to remove the Philips screws only to find that the
    circuit board was still held on to the nuts. I replaced the
    screws and removed the two nuts to the switch cover that
    was installed backward.


    I replaced the button cover in the correct orientation and put
    everything back together exactly as I took it apart.
    Everything is correct now.

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