Aporia - The Chicken

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  1. My band had a concert a couple of months ago, and I finally got my hand on a soundboard recording. It's not mixed or anything, just straight from the soundboards master....
    Anyway, my band is called Aporia, and are a standard cover-band. We are from 17 to 19 years old, and it's really just a social thing. We hang out, play and get drunk:)


    (The horn guys are using all kinds of weird instruments on this song, henche the strange playing. The trumpetist is using a "mini-trombone" and the trombonist a instrument that I don't know the name on. But it's a mix between Euphonium and Trombone.


    http://home.online.no/~pertlars/aporia/work it ouuut.mp3

  2. Any feedback on my playing is thankfully accepted:)
    The bassound is terrible, but it's straight into the board unmixed. I also had a little bit to much stage-sound so it's pretty low in the mix.