Apps that you use for gigs? Song charts etc...

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  1. I know i'm late to the game as far as using a tablet on stage for song charts, but I'm at the point now that I can't remember half the songs til we're halfway through the song and just plainly can't remember some without reading a chart.

    What i've done is made spreadsheets that i bring to gigs with the name, major key and chord changes for intro/verse/chorus/bridge etc.

    Problem is that I don't like bring a music stand to the stage and see all these other musicians with tablets that apparently have the song downloaded in some fashion.

    I'd like to be able to choose a song quickly (we rarely stick to the set list) and have it bring up the chords etc...

    Is there such an app like that which will also let you upload songs via spreadsheet or some other method?

    I should also mention that I don't have a tablet yet, will depend on the app.

  2. RoadRanger

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    Feb 18, 2004
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    I just use DropBox on my iPad and have my song charts in .rtf format using Jarte on my laptop - Dropbo automagically syncs them and backs them up :) . I usually write out all the notes but on some songs just the chords:
    Index of /abc

    DropBox on the iPad lets you re-order off-line files into set order, I don't think the Android version does that :( .
  3. tfer


    Jan 1, 2014

    Nothing else even comes close.
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  4. Bryan R. Tyler

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    I wouldn't say that- I have both OnSong and ForScore and eventually stopped using OnSong in favor of ForScore. I think both are great, but ForScore edged out OnSong for me for features/ease after a while.

    To the original question, I keep all our charts in .pdf format and upload them that way. You can transfer songs or whole setlists including annotations to each other over Bluetooth in the app's native format, which is very handy.
  5. tfer


    Jan 1, 2014
    The problem with PDFs is the inability to transpose keys.
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  6. Whatever you go with, this is the main point - to find it fast so you don't waste time. Some apps are a real PITA.
  7. Bryan R. Tyler

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    Yup- they warn you about it before buying. We don't have a need to transpose so it's not an issue for us, and writing our sheets and converting them to .pdfs was far easier than converting them exactly as I write them to OnSong's ChordPro format, so it won out.

    I'm going to give OnSong another try when 2.0 finally comes out- they've been putting out way too many version 1.99999x updates for a while now :D
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  8. tfer


    Jan 1, 2014
    I don't use the OnSong format. I just copy as text, and import.
  9. elgecko


    Apr 30, 2007
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    Mobilesheets for PDFs and iReal for transposable chord charts. I use Android.
  10. Bryan R. Tyler

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    May 3, 2002
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    That unfortunately didn't work well with a few of the formatting things that were happening trying to import my charts as they are written. I had a long email exchange with Jason from OnSong at the time about it. 2.0 is supposed to have some noticeable changes, so maybe that'll get worked out.
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  11. elgecko


    Apr 30, 2007
    Anasleim, CA
    That's true but the ability to do so on the fly is worth developing!
  12. BassChuck

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    Nov 15, 2005
    I play for music theater pits. I scan the music and put the pdf's in ForScore. If needed I can easily change the order of the songs (extremely rare need) or re-arrange the pages withing a pdf. Page turns are handle by foot pedal. Many ways to annotate the music and add all kinds of instruction. A very flexible app if you are reading standard notation.
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  13. Mostly chord changes not standard notation.
  14. ak56


    Apr 2, 2015
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    MobileSheetsPro which supports PDF's, image files, chordpro files, has a metronome, plays audio files, etc.
  15. filmtex


    May 29, 2011
    I have been using SongBook synch'ed to a folder in my Dropbox. I usually grab songs with my laptop, format them, save as .txt to Dropbox, then change the file to .pro. Sync my iPad when I have wi-fi and that's it. Transpose, shift from black on white to white on black text if needed. Change font size, auto-scroll. It's a great solution and with over 500 songs on it, it gives me very few problems. An occasional restart of the app is about all. Also does playlists and ordering by title or subtitle. (Think keyword or songwriter/performer.)
  16. I too am using this one works great
  17. s0c9

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    Jan 9, 2014
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    OnSong - tried lots of other apps - in chordpro format..
    have the books segmented by Christian, Rock, Country, other.
    Easy search.. and given that any church song can vary keys from week-to-week.. OnSong works great.
    Only issue I have with it is that it's not been ported to Android. :(
  18. Hotblack

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    May 20, 2002
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    DeepDish GigBook
  19. Bob_Ross

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    Dec 29, 2012
    Still carrying paper charts, so the only apps I've used for gigs are Google Maps and the stock Compass that comes with iOS, 'cuz I always wind up getting lost on the way to the gig!
  20. Ulf_Hansson


    Apr 15, 2014
    As stated (proudly) in my sig: Fakebook Pro - I'd never leave root without it!

    Great PDF handling (with automatic indexing of most common real books, and slickbook which is a guilty pleasure of mine) but also importing chord pro, onsong and ireal chord charts (transposing!). The best of both worlds, in my opinion.

    Only problem is it is Android only...