Arby's developing "Meat Carrot" ("Marrot")

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    Meat Made From Veggies? Nah, Arby’s Would Rather Invent Veggies Made From Meat – Adweek

    Few food trends are as buzzy right now as plant-based meats, like the patties from Impossible Foods being added to menus at Krystal, Burger King and more.

    But Arby’s, which has built its brand in recent years on a simple premise—”We have the meats”—is going in a very different direction.

    The chain today unveiled its first recipe for a vegetable made from meat, in this case a “Marrot” made from turkey and formed into the shape and color of a carrot.

    Here’s how the brand describes its creation: “Arby’s Marrot is made with Arby’s tender, marinated 100% turkey breast and a special carrot marinade made from dried carrot juice powder. It is cooked sous vide before being oven-roasted, contains more than 30g of protein and is a good source of Vitamin A (more than 70% of the daily recommended value).”

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    I had to check the calendar to see if it was April 1st. I might have to check again.

    Or maybe it's a turkey hot dog?
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    Now we can add marrots to TB polls!:laugh:
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    In related news, a Product Category Management position has opened up at Arby’s...
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    I never actually learned to play very well
    My first reaction was the same: It has to be a joke.
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    FYI....from someone that worked there as a teenager. The Arby's "beef" is a lump of grey, gelatinous goo packed in an oven safe bag that firms up when it's cooked and once sliced takes on the look of roast beef. Sort of......
    If the Marrot isn't a joke, the description certainly is. :vomit:
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    Oh man, my mouth's waterin' now!
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    dunno about that. decades ago, i was a teenager vegetarian, and the only time i fell off the wagon was for an arby's sandwich. it was, btw, delish, and i say that as someone who's most recent attempt to go veg has lasted over 25 years. and they used to slice it off a big piece of roast beef.

    btw, imo the marrot is... well... stupid, pointless and not funny as they perhaps hoped it would be.
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    Made me LOL!
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    Gross. Spam by any other name.
  12. Not a huge leap from 'Marrot' to 'Maggot' as a faux meat...
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    Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmmm, meaty meaty maggots! Wriggly!
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    What do you think you are getting at 75% of restaurants when you get a turkey sandwich? Those "sliced deli breasts" are essentially bits compressed and sous vide. I've been slicing that crap for decades in assorted "nicer" restaurants and delis. Never worked fast-food, so I can't speak specifically there; but the "2.5 star" and up chains, as well as a good portion of mom & pop deli counters use the same ...... We'll say "swine cranium" brand junk sous vide bits. Sure it is all real breast meat.... But it sure as F wasn't whole breast they sliced it from.