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Ardent Studios, Memphis TN

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by silentstranger, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. Well, tomorrow morning I'm heading to Memphis for the weekend with a band that recruited me to record a few tracks with them at Ardent Studios. I hadn't heard of it before, but it seems to be a pretty bigtime studio, and John Hampton, the producer we're working with, has worked with some pretty big names, so I'm pretty excited. And it's a trip to Memphis, where I've never been, which is a nice bonus. :hyper:

    So just curious, has anybody here laid down any tracks at this studio or anything? I'm wondering how different this experience will be than recording at the smaller, less-prestigious (I guess?) studios I've entered in the past. General comments about Memphis will be welcomed as well :)
  2. I haven't done any work at or heard anything about that studio, but I have recorded at a lot of little, dinky studios and done 1 album at a "big-time" studio (Butch Vig's Smart Studios). There wasn't too much of a difference, a little nicer and they gave out free soda (pop). They were running Pro Tools in conjunction with 2" tape. The board was from some famous California studio and a lot of REALLY famous albums had been done on that board. They had a load of really cool amps you could play through. Other than that, the process was pretty much the same.

    Though, I did walk in to the bathroom and think "Kurt Cobain peed in this toilet."
  3. Damnit, now I've got "Hold Your Head Up" stuck in my head...
  4. I've never recorded anything at all, but have lived in Memphis my whole life (with the exception of 2 years in Atlanta). I would suggest trying to make it to Beale Street, which is downtown. This is where many blues and R&B artists from the region have played for decades. Its a little more commercial these days, but still something to see. Plus, downtown has been growing the last few years and really going through a facelift. You'll see the new FedEx Forum, where the Grizzlies will begin playing this year. You'll be on Madison Ave at Ardent, and Madision runs from downtown to midtown. Midtown Memphis is pretty cool. There's a bunch of bars and restaurants in that area. If you have time to get away from the studio, the Memphis Flyer (www.memphisflyer.com) will give you the lowdown on the local nightlife. Also, there are 7-8 casinos 30 minutes south of Memphis in Tunica, Mississippi. And if its your thing, the best strip bar in the South is in Memphis-- Platinum Plus. If you don't believe me, go take a look for yourself.

    Of course, there's always Graceland. I hardly ever recommend it because I am not big on Elvis.

    If you have any specific questions let me know. I'll be glad to help. I would offer to buy you a beer, but I'll be out of town and you'd probably be too busy with the studio work anyway.
  5. Oh yeah, eat some Memphis barbeque while you are here. Try the ribs at Blues City Cafe on Beale Street, or the ones at the Rendevous, which is also downtown. Central Barbeque is another BBQ option, but its in Midtown. The pork sandwiches, BBQ chicken, and BBQ nachos are good there. If you are flying in, there is an Interstate BBQ at the airport. Those sandwiches are huge!