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Are Accugroove Cabs That Good? Questions From An Eden Endorsee

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by BigMikeW, Jun 3, 2005.

  1. BigMikeW

    BigMikeW Banned

    May 25, 2005
    Nashville, TN.
    Banned by TB Administration for refusal to account for funds
    I have to claim ignorance onthis subject. Hence the thread.

    I am a rock/country bassist and studio guy. I currently have endorsement deals with Eden (4 D410XLT Cabs, 2 WT-1000 poweramps and the WP-100 Navigator preamp) and with Tech21 (RBI pre's for more tube tone).

    I am not needing the large rigs anymore and have been readung about Accugroove cabs on here lately. Now, I am not an Audiophile but I can appreciate pure, punchy, rich, driving tones.

    I am thinking of completely changing my setup including going with the Demeter Tube pre and maybe a better cab setup for when I need it. I have a deal with Warwick but have decided to switch to Sadowsky and have a couple on order.

    I have for the last year been using just two cabs and my rack. However, even that is beginning to become a pain in the arse for quick gigs I get called to do (where I wouldn't hire and pay a tech/roadie).

    Half the time I am just running direct with in ears. The other half of the time I need my cabs. But I have read on here that one El Whappo could easily replace two of my Eden 4-10's.

    I have a few questions (if you want to PM me on them that is fine too). #1 Just in terms of cone surface area and wattage (700 per Eden 410) how can the one El Whappo fill up that much? #2 Does Accugroove have an artist or endorsement program? #3 Where the hell in the Los Angeles area can I try one. Looks like there are no dealers down here.

  2. Eric Moesle

    Eric Moesle

    Sep 21, 2001
    Columbus OH
    Who have you been touring with that you needed that much gear onstage? Just curious. Your web site only links to products, not bands, projects or recordings. Tell us about yourself! With so many endoresments, you've HAD to have done something pretty interesting.
  3. I have been a touring/studio pro bassist and recording engineer for over 25 years....I have or have had EVERY major amp and cab you could have (including Eden, I currently have a D410XST that I kept for the studio). I was using Bergantino 12's with a Demeter HBP-1 through a Crest CA9 rig and switched to a Thunderfunk TFB-550 and 1 El Whappo.......I had considered getting a TRI 210 for smaller stuff but decided that the El Whappo was compact and light enough that I was not saving that much in the way of moving it and the El Whappo sounds so good EVEN at low volumes that I would be wasting money!!

    In short, in my opinion, this rig will go anywhere and do anything you want it too.....I have excellent PA and monitoring support always and on smaller gigs the El Whappo puts out so cleanly that I find that the other guys typically don't need my bass in their wedges unless we are really spread out...I don't think you can go wrong pairing this beast up with just about any amp BUT there is some kind of magic that happens with the T-Funk, you should give it a listen too. I played the HBP-1 through the El Wahppo and it was sweet but I prefer the T-Funk.....

    By the way, you will find the same level of customer service with Dave Funk at Thunderfunk and Mark Wright at Accugrrove as you get from Roger Sadowsky (I have a NYC Vintage 4 shown in my Avatar and I have a AAAA Quilted Swamp Caramel Burst/Birdseye Maple 4 on order.....) Good luck on your quest, GOD knows I have been there....at the end of mine I was playing a Sadowsky through a T-Funk into an El Whappo and my GAS (except for a couple more Sadowskys) is DONE!!!!


  4. jokerjkny


    Jan 19, 2002
    NY / NJ / PHL

    the Accu's and Eden's are as far apart from one another as you can possibly get. and you might actually think the Accu's sound too tame, and not aggressive enough for you.
  5. pickles

    pickles Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 23, 2000
    Ventura, CA
    I think Edens sound great, and if it aint broke don't fix it! If you don't need as much sound just cut over to a WT800 and one 410XLT.
  6. KJung

    KJung Supporting Member

    +1... if you like the Eden sound (which is great), you probably are not going to like the Accugrooves. To me, they sound very 'dead'... plenty of bottom though!
  7. BigMikeW

    BigMikeW Banned

    May 25, 2005
    Nashville, TN.
    Banned by TB Administration for refusal to account for funds
    That is good to know. I like the Edens and Aguilar cabs.

    Still going to check out the Demeter Tube Pre.
  8. Having played and owned most every thing out there I would have to disagree with the "Dead" statement....the key to Accugroove is that they are designed to be flat, therefore YOU get to decide how MUCH EQ and at WHAT FREQUENCIES you want to boost or cut....the proof for me is when I do a gig (especially a standin or one off with new musicians) and I get the comments like "you have the best bass sound I have ever heard" or "that was unbelievable" I get these comments from other pros and from weekend warriors alike. For me, that is the ultimate compliment a musician can get....AND it is why I play my Accugroove El Whappo....because as conceited as it sounds, I agree, it IS the best bass sound I have ever had.......


  9. Not to jump on a bandwagon... but I can certainly support Tom's words above. Yes the AccuGrooves, and specifically the El Whappo, really are that good. They are flat and studio-like in quality so simply EQ to your own taste and you are there. I continue to get positive feedback at every performance, from audience and fellow band members.

    I've had no issue getting an aggresive sound, but Wal basses are very good at that and the El Whappo lets them shine exactly as they should.

    You owe it to yourself to give them a try if you can find someone in your area with stock. It will prove to be worth the drive.
  10. KJung

    KJung Supporting Member

    I knew the 'flat' thing would come up again! It's all personal taste. Since the person who started this thread wasn't looking for a whole new sound, etc., I just wanted to point out how different the Accugroove sound is from the Eden. Those 'flat' cabs like Acme, EA (I've owned a ton of them) and Accugroove are an aquired taste, and even when they are EQ'd sound quite different from Epi's, SWR, Eden, etc. Not better or worse, but if you like a bright, aggressive sound, those 'flat' cabs are not the best way to go (IMO) :)
  11. Kjung...its OK, there is room for every point of view here...I guess for me at least, the El Whappo is plenty bright....now granted you have to add the degree of brightness that you want...I have found that even my Marcus Miller 4 (with a stock preamp that is notoriously too bright in my opinion) through the El Whappo sounds great....I typically run it through a Sadowsky outboard pre which is voiced at up to +13 db at 40 HZ and up to +13 db at 4KHZ. To me, the 4KHz seems to be the right frequency to boost for really good top end clarity and the El Whappo just takes it all without getting gritty or brittle at all....

    I have found that in order for these cabs to "sound aggressive" you need to play an aggressive sounding bass through an aggressive sounding amp aggressively. But I guess that is why they were designed to be flat. I really don't play aggressively or need an "aggressive sound" most of the time, but when I do, I tend to play one of my Warwick 5's (Thumb NT 5 or Streamer Stage I 5) through my Thunderfunk TFB-550 and I get all the "aggression" I need!!

    One thing I can say is that "Studio reference" quality is definitely a good catch phrase for these cabs!! Check them out!!


  12. KJung

    KJung Supporting Member

    I hear you... different strokes for different folks! I have played out of the Accugroove (Whappo Jr.) for a couple hours. It wasn't my thing. The 'flat' thing with EQ makes sense on paper, but I could never get enough 'zing' in the upper mids and high end for my taste. To put it in context, I had a couple of Acme Low B 210's and also the original EA VL210 (in my early search for small but loud cabs). I felt the same way about both of those cabs... good low end and nice low mids, but way too polite above 1K for my taste.

    We've all been through this many times in other threads. I guess my point is, if you like the Eden sound, or the SWR sound, or the Epifani sound, you probably aren't going to totally dig the Accugrooves, and 'vice versa'. Currently, I just LOVE the Epifani UL line, and am also enjoying my new Schroeder with the juiced Selenium tweeter option (there I go again with the treble!!!!) :D
  13. I edited my post a bit while you were replying but anyway, for what it is worth I used to play Eden, Fender, Marshall, SWR, Bergantino, Ampeg, GK, Wayne Jones, Kustom, Trace Elliot, etc etc etc, the list seems endless....BUT what I have found with the El Whappo is that I can get a depth and clarity that I have NEVER gotten with other cabs....just my experience but thought I would mention it for the record....


  14. Blues Cat

    Blues Cat Payson Fanned Bass Strings Owner Supporting Member Commercial User

    May 28, 2005
    Katy, Tx
    Payson Fanned Bass Strings Owner
    In my opinion you are overlooking the Carvin B1500 & BRX12. I purchased one about six mos. ago & am extemely happy w/it. You could probably purchase 2 cabs & the B1500 head for the price of one Accugroove.
    The BRX handles Eflat & down so well. The tone is incredible. BRX12 is 83 pounds.
    Check out Bass Player magazines review.

  15. jokerjkny


    Jan 19, 2002
    NY / NJ / PHL
    yea, i wouldnt say they're dead, and yet, i'm an Acme lover. ;)

    still, if Kjung says they're dead sounding, then honestly, i think biggie mike might be put off by them, too.
  16. MJ5150

    MJ5150 Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Apr 12, 2001
    Olympia, WA
    Hmmm...does the fact that you are endorsed by Warwick and Eden really have any significance to your question? I think it's OK to talk about bass gear without telling everyone who you are endorsed by all the time. Question #2 just smells like a BS'er.

    On to the subject. I played through Eden cabs for three years, and I loved them. I had a chance to play some AccuGroove cabs, and they are excellent. As has been mentioned, they do not sound alike. Two totally different cabs on the surface. As much as I liked the AccuGroove sound, I stuck with my Eden's. No, I am not endorsed by Eden.

  17. Just yesterday i was in the Border's Bookstore looking through the Brittish Bass Guitar Magazine (not to confuse it with the stateside Bass Player Magazine, both excellent publication, btw) and seen the Eden advertisement with 'Mike Watts' (BigMike, tall skinny white guy, black mustache, white t- shirt on) endorsing the Wt550 and a Eden 112.

  18. BigMikeW

    BigMikeW Banned

    May 25, 2005
    Nashville, TN.
    Banned by TB Administration for refusal to account for funds
    My reason for saying so was more to state where I am coming from. That I use them and love them but was curious about the Accugroove "hype".

    Endorsement deals are not impossible to get.
  19. NJL


    Apr 12, 2002
    San Antonio
    just kinda curious, what groups do you work with right now?

  20. BigMikeW

    BigMikeW Banned

    May 25, 2005
    Nashville, TN.
    Banned by TB Administration for refusal to account for funds

    Female Country artist tha has a development deal with Atlantic Nashville.

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