Are class D combo amps "green"?

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  1. wikipedia said "Theoretical power efficiency of class D amplifiers is 100%. That is to say, all of the power supplied to it is delivered to the load, none is turned to heat". Im just starting to learn about Class D and im wondering if its truly more responsible as a human to use a class D amp rather than one who wastes power that could be sent to the cone, into the thin air as heat. okay. now i'm completely sold on class D as my favorite type of solid state power in amp design. I still have love for the 6550 and the 6v6 and the 6l6, and now to include Class D. Does anyone know if the new fender rumble v3 class d have a low pass filter after the switching, and before the speak?
  2. Best to eliminate speakers as well then. They turn the majority of the energy sent to them into heat as well.
  3. Nope - unplugged unamplified is "green" ;)
  4. Hate to rain on your parade but, in the very best cases only about 10% of the power sent to a speaker becomes sound anyway....the rest becomes heat in the voice coil. So the speakers are by FAR the biggest 'waster' of energy regardless of amp type.
    Don't know anything about the Rumble amp.
  5. does one type of speaker dissipate heat or loose more energy than another type, like is alnico, ceramic, neo, etc more green in that way so that in a round about way there is a "green" way to mod a combo?
  6. iualum


    Apr 9, 2004
    Most of them I've seen are black :smug: .
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    The way we make cones move air currently, nope. Inefficiency is the reality for this.
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    Ever Class D audio amp I've ever seen has one in one form or another.
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    Low pass or reconstruction filtering is essential in any class d amp in order to confirm to radiated emissions limits globally. It's not optional.
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    Dynamic loudspeakers are like the incandescent light bulbs of audio--as has been said, more than 90% of the power than goes into them gets converted unusefully into waste heat.

    I think it could be misleading to say that the "theoretical" efficiency of class D is 100%; I suppose it could depend on how loosely you are applying theory. ;)
  11. If that's true. then that's good imo because it would be weird to send that digital pulse type thingy to the speker! even if its at a frequency that is inaudible or outside the speker's ability to reproduce, it would wig me out a little and i would def want to try and manipulate it like maybe some crazy effect of some sort.
  12. Not playing bass is the greenest form of bass playing. Playing is an unnecessary expenditure of energy which requires the player to need more food and oxygen. More food requires producers to produce more food using gas or diesel driven machinery and then it's processed using electric equipment and then it's transported by more gas or diesel driven machines sand then sold and stored using even more electricity. When you play you're using more energy than at rest this requires you to breathe harder and there for expel an unnecessary amount of CO2.

    So stop playing bass.
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  13. Steve Dallman

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    If every single bass player in the world, stopped playing completely, stopped driving, and became vegetarians, it would not affect "climate change" one iota.

    (FWIW, I didn't get a car until I was 24, decided to never have kids when I was 16 and I'm 61 now, and was vegetarian for 13 years. As a card carrying member of the "Human Extinction Movement" I have done my part to reduce my carbon footprint.)
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  14. sounds like this "voice coil" could need to be updated for my playing future of mental healthcare. i dont care if it's green in the hippie sense, i want the maximum explosion when i hit the bass strings in a certain way that i have never tried in class D, yet have experienced many times with tubed amps. im a "long timer; first timer". when I read "100%" straight to the speaker with NO LOSS the power section i was like< "yea! that's what I NEED!" haha
  15. You could always try cooling them with liquid helium, but you'd get a pretty significant impedance mismatch.
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    I think the question is that of "relative" - as in are they "relatively green" - and so I'd say that they are - but neither are particularly energy efficient... My class D amps put out a fair amount of heat, just like my class AB - not as much, perhaps, but heat nonetheless.

    Now, you could argue that the manufacture method is more green, given that it's fewer / smaller parts. Less schlepping weight means better gas mileage (?) but that's pushing it.
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    Electronics in general is not very green.
    Many of the sub components can no longer be manufactured in the U.S. & EU due to worker safety and environmental guidelines.
    Between caustic materials, industrial runoff and an assortment of plastics, the completed unit may run efficiently, but the processes
    and materials use to build them are anything but green.
  18. 18eranaRic?
  19. I dont think that's "pushing it" at all. it matters if the manufactuer applies green practices into their business operations. for exampl packaging weight and shipping size boxed (max to a freight pallet etc) matters a great deal as has been mentioned in lots of other threads and comments allover tb so thats really not the issue i have and why i started the threat real quick. I want a sound i dont really need or want to explain but it may be known that 100% is a tall claim. im glad you mentioned your class D actually gets hot. do you know why? or if the amp would perform more close to 100%? if it were cooled or if i have to cut cooling vents in mine to get greener i.e. more like a plazma glo of a lightning bolt compaired to ordanary lazy flicker of fire?
  20. negativefx

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    The greenest amp is the one manufactured locally. The impact of shipping from China/Mexico/the other side of the US, as far as I know, is far worse than the relatively tiny impact of the power draw from the amp. Then you need to get all of the amp components sourced locally. :)
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