Are Dingwall NG3 Or C3 Basses Stylisticly Flexible

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by thirtyhz, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. thirtyhz


    Apr 5, 2001
    I like my B string and take advantage of it. But the more tension the better, thus Ive been looking at Dingwalls for the 37 inch B etc. Hower it seems everything on the Youtubes is about thrashing and distortion. Question is does C3 or NG3 have the tonal flexibilty to be utilized in other musicsl settings - Blus, Blues Rock, Classics etc. Any proven experiences out there?
  2. alembicbones


    Nov 10, 2000
    Seattle, WA
    I own an NG-3 and it is an extremely versatile bass. There is no doubt that they are perfectly suited for hard rock. That being said, I wouldn't hesitate bringing my NG-3 to any ensemble setting. I'm a huge fan of the Darkglass Tone Capsule. Bass, Low Mid and Hi Mid is an interesting take on the onboard preamp.

    If you get a chance, give one a try.
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  3. thirtyhz


    Apr 5, 2001
    Huh, Given the numbers in the Dingwall club I would have thought more replies espousing the myriad of musical tables this bass can sit at. I couldn’t find much other than demos using heavy pick driven distortion. Maybe its the swirly paint jobs
  4. Jason42


    Jun 8, 2018
    Tobes of Hades
    C3 owner. It does it all. The first time I played the B, the gods trembled.
  5. Sheldon D.

    Sheldon D. Gold Supporting Member Commercial User

    Oct 3, 2001
    Look for names like Andy Irvine and Claudio Rocha when searching for Dingwall videos
  6. thirtyhz


    Apr 5, 2001
    After much mulling and research I bit the bullet on the new NG3 Darkglass 5 “limited” edition.
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  7. Sheldon D.

    Sheldon D. Gold Supporting Member Commercial User

    Oct 3, 2001
    I hope you love it when you get it.
  8. Bass Imposter

    Bass Imposter

    Mar 4, 2020
    I just bought a NG3 5 string. I have a Carvin 5 string P style bass to compare it with.

    The best way for me to say it is that the B string on the Dingwall is an actual note that you can hear the pitch of. The B on the Carvin is OK, but it's more felt than heard. Honestly, the B on the Dingwall could still be better IMO, but it's waaaay more usable musically than the Carvin's.

    Interestingly, nobody ever talks about the effect of the longer scale on the E string, but it's significant too. The E, which is 36.25" on the Dingwall (so 2.25" longer than normal), sounds like the A string on a normal 34" scale base. The pitch is clear and defined. I hear some of that muddiness on a 34" E.

    Also, I totally relate to what someone above was saying about the demo videos. Just play quarter notes on the B and E strings to start. Hearing a bass solo through a bunch of processing is not going to give me much info on how the instrument sounds.

    So in total, I'm loving this Dingwall. Fantastic E string, and the best B string I've ever heard. Tonewise I think it could cover a lot of bases (no pun intended).
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  9. Dave W

    Dave W Supporting Member

    Mar 1, 2007
    Westchester, NY
    Amazing basses. I use mine (ABZ5, Voodoo, SJ5, and an NG-2) in a cover band and a country band. Between both I'd say I play a fair amount of different styles, and the perform extremely well in all of them. Deep reggae, rock, indie, 90's, whatever.

    The clarity of the B string is so,etching to be heard. It ruined a few other perfectly great high end basses for me.
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