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Are the pickups reversed on my Warwick?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Blankandson, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. Blankandson

    Blankandson Supporting Member

    Oct 20, 2010
    Gallatin, Tennessee
    Hi. Not new to TB but I am new to this forum. Looks like this one is a good place for my question. I have a 1994 Fortress One 5-string with the standard gold MEC pickups. I have only recently taken it out of my storage room and have been playing with it for about a week. Several things are either not as shown on the WW website or this has possibly been modified. First, it sounds very nice and very much as a WW should. Nothing is out-of-phase. Biggest oddity is the pan- to go to the right PU I must rotate the dial counter-clockwise. To go the the left PU I must rotate the dial clockwise. None of my other basses are that way. Normal or not for the Fortress? Second, the pan dial is either 100% or 0%. I get only one PU if it's turned all the way. I'm assuming that is also the norm for this model. I like it. Many of my older basses are more like 20% - 100%. The tone knobs are a little confusing. The knob furthest to the right controls the neck PU. The knob to the left of it controls the bridge PU. Again, this seems reversed.
    Sooooooo my question is - have the Pickups been reversed but the knobs are all where they should be? If the Pickups were reversed years ago, is that any concern? This is a very nice sounding WW and it's a keeper. Got it for $350 about 4 years ago. Heavy, about 10 lbs. When I play with big bands everyone sits down so this might be a good axe for those gigs. Anyway, anything sound odd with the PUs and knobs? Or is this normal and I just need to relax and enjoy it? Thanks for any advice.

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