Are there any J-bass pickguards that fit perfectly?

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  1. Bassed123


    Jun 5, 2021
    Ive read that alot of people have had the issues with even official fender pickguards leaving a small gap between the pickguard and control plate. Does anyone know if its just a certain model that has this issue, or if its all of them? Im looking to replace the white pickguard on an American professional 1 jazz.
    Fender 10-Hole Contemporary Jazz Bass Pickguard, 4-Ply Tortoise Shell at Gear4music
    This is the one im currently looking at. Is there anyone who has happened to try this on an Am Pro instrument?

    Reading the reviews on this on this one:

    Looks like alot of people had problems with this one.
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    Usually it's the control plate that needs to be re-aligned a bit.
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    Yes, what I’ve seen.

    I’m more concerned with the Jazz- style pickguard fitting around the pickups properly. I can (and have, on one Jazz bass) make the control plate fit to the pickguard pretty easily.
  4. Arie X

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    Oct 19, 2015
    pu slots are generally pretty good. problem areas are the control plate and neck pocket and the screw holes.

    on organic wooden constructs with such a long production life, not much is going to be perfectly interchangeable. then there is the definition of perfect itself. and who knows what that is?
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