Are Wilkinson pickups worth to upgrade an SX Jazz Bass ?

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  1. Hello everyone. How are you?

    Recently I'd buy some Wilkinson pickups for 5 strings Jazz Basses (I'm still waiting the shipping) and I thought on upgrading my 5 String SX with them. I don't dislike a lot the sound of the SX (Even if it's too noisy with the shielding too) but definitively it can be better. Since I couldn't find an audio of that model of Wilkinson, I was thinking if I made a buy for a product which it will be the same as the stock pickups and be a total waste of money.

    So, for those who knows: Are they worthy ? It's a good upgrade ? Or I'll have to stick with the idea of reselling the Wilkinson?

    Thanks everybody
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    Youll never get rid of all noise with a single coil jazz pickup when solo’ed. Blending both results in hum-bucking but solo they’re just prone to noise. You need a jazz humbucker (stacked or split coils) to eliminate hum.

    I’ve read here before n TB that folks that use the Wilkinsons are pleased. There is no guarantee they're an upgrade over your SX pups though. Only YOUR ears can make that determination.
  3. Wilkinson make some nice hardware, their brass-saddled bridges and the vintage style tuners are especially good. Their split coil pickups nail the P-Bass sound, but I was less impressed with the Jazz offerings. Like @96tbird said, you'll need to listen for yourself to find out.
  4. Thank you very much @96tbird and @4sight. They have arrived yesterday, and after reading your comments I decided to give it a try and installed it. To me, it definitively sounds much better than the stock ones and I don't regret anything. Later I will upload a video with the comparison of both pickups (SX stock ones and the Wilkinson).

    Thanks again to both of you guys!
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    Jun 20, 2018
    @Guza Did the wilkinson pickups fit easily, or was there modifications you had to make to your SX 5 string jazz bass? If they fit, would you mind sharing which Wilkinson pickups you bought? I've got an old (2005) SX Jazz 5 I want to try replacing the pickups in, but I've had trouble finding inexpenisve alnico pickups that fit.
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    Does anyone know exactly what wilkinson "vari-gauss" is or is supposed to do or help?