Are you from a musical family?

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    Dec 7, 2010
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    Time for another thread concerning the human being behind the bassist. Is music in your genes, or are you the only one in the family making music?

    I'll start with myself. My father has been playing organ for over 65 years. He masters piano as well. He played violin long ago, but gave the instrument away to a sister of his. He has directed several small and mid-sized choirs. He still does play the organ very well, being almost 80 years old.

    My mother played mandolin in the fifties. Later she became a hobby choir singer.

    My sister doesn't play any instrument at all.

    I played organ and keyboard in the sixties and early seventies, just for my own pleasure. In the eighties I arranged several gigs in my home village for beginning bands. Later, much later I picked up the bass, because my son started to play electric guitar. I wanted to encourage him. We now play together, if time allows. I should have started playing bass 40 years ago.

    Now, where are your musical roots?
  2. DWBass

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    My mom (piano/organ) and dad (clarinet/organ) were both musicians. My aunt (piano) as well. I'm the only one who took up music though. My brother and sisters do not play instruments at all. My son played sax in HS. Has not shown interest since so I sold the sax. I also bought him a bass and he plucked around for a couple years but stopped playing that as well. Sold the bass too.
  3. my dad "wants to play guitar" meaning my mom bought him an acoustic and it sits in the corner. my sister played violin badly in middle school. my brother plays guitar hero.

    so no, no musicians in my family
  4. Nope - but both of my sons are crazy talented
  5. My father played trumpet and started playing banjo a few years back (short lived due to a hand op), my mother played piano.
  6. Tat2dHeart

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    My grandfather was a tenor in a gospel quartet and my mom played piano for the group. They were regionally popular back before I was born. I've been singing since I was 4, and have played (at various points in life) piano, flute, piccolo, alto sax and now bass and penny whistle. My son doesn't play any instruments, but my daughters are all musical. The eldest plays drums, marimba and various other percussive instruments. My middle daughter sings and plays clarinet, oboe, flute, piccolo, french horn, alto sax, tenor sax, soprano sax, piano, violin, coronet and trumpet. My youngest daughter sings and plays trumpet, coronet, french horn, baritone, valve trombone, and tuba.
  7. vlado


    Mar 14, 2006
    Buje, Croatia
    My grandfather had a band with his 4 brothers playing village-fair gigs and weddings. That was during the '30s and, I suppose, some also after the world war 2 in his native village, but then he got married and moved away from his original family. I was only 7 when he died and don't recall ever seeing him play anything, but I herd from my mom he played "berda", which is a folk instrument of the area, kind of like a DB, but fretted. Anyway, when he was on his deathbed he wrote a note (not being able to talk anymore) that I should take the guitar that he had and learn to play it, 'cause I was always into music and everyone knew that's what I'd do for living. I really never had any second thoughts, I always knew I'd become a musician.
    Of all his brothers I know that the youngest played the accordion for most of his life, giving up in his 60s due to spinal problems. None of my uncles and aunts are musicians, though. But two of my cousins are also professionals like myself.
  8. HaMMerHeD


    May 20, 2005
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    I am the only talentless one in my family.
  9. bassinplace


    Dec 1, 2008
    None, that I'm aware of. My dad had a guitar and knew a few songs on it, that's about it. Both of my parents were/are big fans of music, though. I figure there must be some players in my family tree, I just haven't tried to find them.
  10. wango55


    Dec 21, 2011
    I played Viola from grade school through high school, and started playing guitar in HS, and now play bass primarily. My older brother played Cello from grade school through, HS, and has played guitar since HS. My younger brother played Violin from Grade school through HS, and in HS took up the drums. So between the three of us, we have three piece band, or a string trio.

    Our parents were not musically inclined, but I will say that the music they listened to, largely influenced my musical tastes later in life. At an early age, I was exposed to music from the Beatles, Moody Blues, Queen, the Doors, Creedence, as well as a good amount of classical.

    My in-laws are a different story. My father in-law is very musically talented...he's been a keyboard player since the 60's, and still plays in wedding bands/cover bands. My wife's uncles (on her mom's side) are all avid musicians...when I got married, I was immediately inducted into the family band. There's three guitarists, a drummer, and me on bass. We play once a year at the big family summer barbecue, and rehearse year round.
  11. bassistjoe93

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    Sep 14, 2011
    I come from a musical family. All on my dad's side:
    Great-Great Grandpa built and played his own violin, which we have today. I've heard he was very talented.
    Great Grandpa played harmonica and guitar, while great grandma sang.
    Grandmother sang in church and played guitar. Grandpa played harmonica and guitar.
    Dad sings, plays flat picking bluegrass and jazz guitar, as well as mandolin and bass; all extremely well.
    My uncle sings, plays banjo, drums (old school jazz drummer) and guitar; all extremely well.
    Aunt played flute in college and can sing pretty well.
    My younger sister is a talented pianist.
    My older cousins play guitar, both very well.

    Whenever we have a family reunion, there is ALWAYS music of some kind or another being played.
  12. MatticusMania

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    Sep 10, 2008
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    I cant recall hearing anyone from my parents generation upwards as being "musical".
    My sister played the clarinet in Middle & High School. So, when I wanted to play drums going into 6th grade it was "No, your sister played the clarinet, you'll play that so she can help you."
    Not a lick of help from her, and I couldnt clarinet, so 6 months later I was out.
    About 6 years later I took up the bass and havent put it down.
  13. Thick McRunfast

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    Sep 30, 2012
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    Mom was a concert pianist. Dad was a drum and bugle corps maniac.

    I'm the only kid that was interested in music though my youngest sister just started learning guitar
  14. My dad played drums in a band when he was younger, but hasn't touched drums since college.
  15. Ziltoid

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    Apr 10, 2009
    My sister plays violin badly and that's it.
  16. Same story here. Not sure if he played on a kit or was just playing percussion though. He sounds great on percussion but it's kinda weird, he doesn't really strike me as a musical person. Every once in a while he'll talk about a band that was popular way back when but it's rare that he actually listens to music. That said, he always seems to be tapping along to some rhythm or another. It's a bit of mystery as to why we've never jammed before. I'll ask him later.

    Mom's not musically inclined but she's always groovinto some song, lol.
  17. BassyBill

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    My Dad's a jazz drummer and arranger. He's nearly 83 now and gave up drum gigs in his late seventies after doing them since his teens. He's still writing occasional big band charts.

    I started gigging with him back in the 1970s and a lot of what I know about music has been learned from him. Thanks Dad.

    This should really be in the Miscellaneous forum as it's a music topic - I'll move it over there now.
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    Dec 3, 2003
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    Dad: tenor sax, flute, jammed occasionally with Dizzy Gillespie and other big name jazz players in the 40s in NYC.

    Brother in-law: perfect pitch, plays all bluegrass instruments and piano fluently. World class on mandolin, turned down some pretty killer touring opportunities, but a list of who he's played with would look ridiculous. World class luthier to boot. He lent me my first guitar and gave me a few lessons when I lived with him and my sister. Built his first fiddle, learned how to play in a year, played that for the majority of his old band's full length Public TV video concert.

    Sister: Upright bass, guitar, vocals. Did the family bluegrass band thing with her husband for many years. Both their kids play and sing well too.

    Brother: guitar, mando, piano, vocals. Gigging regularly on both guitar and mandolin, writes for his main band quite a bit.

    Nephew: Bass, Warr Guitar, Guitar, Keys, Trombone. Berklee grad, majored in audio and video production. He's a regular on TB.

    Another nephew: rhythm guitar, plays full tilt metal.

    Female Cousin #1: guitar, vocals. Trad Irish music archivist, jazz singer, concert promoter in Bay Area. Her brother sings very well too.

    Female Cousin #2: guitar, has metal guitar instruction website and does instructional CDs/DVDs.

    I really want to do an extended family CD sooner than later. My dad is long passed, but the rest of us are all still playing regularly.
  19. the yeti

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    Nov 6, 2007
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    not exactly the jacksons or osmonds, but my uncle tap danced and played saxophone. both my sisters learned to play piano ('cos that was considered important at the time/place). my great grandaddy played tuba and was the community band leader. on the other side of the family my mom is a passable singer and her daddy was a tobacco auctioneer at one time (that's sort of like old time meets hip hop). when i was a little kid he would sing the auction song to me. he was also a bit of a ladies man but that's another story i guess.
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    I was in doubt where to put this thread. Thanks for moving it bassybill!