Are you kidding me?

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  1. Vince S.

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    Jan 24, 2003

    A fifteen year old girl assaults a school bus driver, and it's all caught on tape (youtube link to the original security footage under the video). What I find astonishing is that after watching the video and seeing this girl swear at, lunge at the bus driver, and make up false accusations of the driver hitting her (all caught on tape), is that instead of owning up to it, the girl and her mom are convinced that she was right.

    Also after reading some news articles about this case, it also boggles me that the bus driver's daughter (the girl who was trying to pull Samantha Taylor off the driver) also faced charges for trying to break up the fight and protect her mom. Talk about punishing the victim.:rolleyes:
  2. One can only hope that a sane jury gets sat for this one.
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    hm... I couldn't even see the bus driver in that vid. Just looked like that alleged perpetrator was yelling at somebody.

    however, you can plainly see the other girl puttin' on a beat-down.