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are you the soundman- setup, run the p.a.?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Chad Michael, Sep 17, 2002.

  1. just wondered...
    how many other talkbassers do the double duty as bassist and soundman for your band?

    if so, do you enjoy it?

    care to give brief description of the system you run?
  2. I did sound for a quite a few major bands from the mid-seventies through the eighties in and around Van Nuys, Burbank, and Hollywood.

    Did some studio work and broadcast stuff.

    Now I just let the guy own thinks he's the most studly idiot around work the PA or whatever.

    I've worked with plenty of band boneheads who don't know jack, but will cause a big stink over any suggestions and resent the fact that someone might actually know what there doing.

    So I just stay out of it... and keep a low profile.
    I don't mention my many years of experience.
    I just play bass and can usually compensate and adjust my tone from my end.
  3. I know how to do the PA etc, dont know how or why, just do. Had to once as an emergency when the sound guy didnt show, but i just knew how it all went. But i usually let who ever the club books to do it.


  4. our drummer is a pro sound tech, makes his living running sound systems (he's ran sound for martina mcbride, 38 special, ll cool j, geoff tate, jeff foxwothy, etc.)

    i have learned sooooo much from him!!!! when he's unable to drum with us (he's away doing a sound gig).... we get a sit- in drummer, & i get to setup and run the p.a.

    sometimes it's a bit distracting (dealing with adjustments or issues while you're playing), but there's something about putting it all together and hearing the result.

    mixer - mackie cfx 16
    xover - sunn electronic
    mon eq - behringer 2 x 31
    amps - qsc (total 3600 watts)
    tops - pr yamaha S215 (2 x 15/horn)
    subs - pr jbl srx 2 x 18
    mons - jbl mr802 wedges, or tr225 sidefills
  5. Munjibunga

    Munjibunga Total Hyper-Elite Member Gold Supporting Member

    May 6, 2000
    San Diego (when not at Groom Lake)
    Independent Contractor to Bass San Diego
    I run the PA when our sound man can't show. It has its ups and downs. It's a nightmare getting the monitors and FOH right in the first couple songs, so my bass playing blows. On the other hand, I pick the crossover frequency to the subs.
  6. I'm a pro sound guy in the midst of making a move into audio R&D by way of a degree in electrical engineering. I've pretty much run the gamut of sound systems from two powered speakers on stands to events with 100,000 people in attendance and broadcast to about 1 Billion.... I've toured North America and Europe as monitor engineer or FOH engineer for several bands and I've spent the last 4 or 5 years as a systems engineer for a major touring production company. I've mixed BB King, Buddy Guy, America and a bunch of others and have worked shows for countless big name acts.....
    I think every musician should have at least a basic knowledge of how to operate sound equipment, and a knowledge of mixing, it can really come in handy. For example if you're doing a monitor check and you can identify the problem frequencies, it saves loads of time therefore making soundcheck shorter!
  7. Showdown

    Showdown Supporting Member

    Jan 21, 2002
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    I do the sound in my band, but I wish I didn't have to. What a pain in the ***.
  8. Blues Bass 2

    Blues Bass 2 Supporting Member

    Oct 3, 2001
    Davenport Iowa
    I ran sound in my band through the 70's.I got my education from Advanced Audio Engeneering in Iowa city around 73,very informal.I learned about bass horns,JBL and Cerwin vega,high freq. horns,EV-JBL-Community,and bi-amping.This was all great but it was always hard to run things from the stage.We didn't have wireless then and we'd have to ask our buddies about the balance,very subjective depending on beer consumed.After I had my first kid I quit playing and sold my bass gear to pay for some PA gear so I could run sound full time.It was alright for a couple years,but it doesn't compare with playing yourself.
    I got back to playing in 95 and swore I wouldn't have anything to do with PAs.Once you start buying sound system components it's like a black hole,you always need somthing else.I decided to just concentrate on my bass playing and bass gear and let someone else do the sound.I don't get as much pay at the gigs now but I also don't have to buy more PA gear and am much happier .Also now nobodys yelling at me that they can't hear thier monitors.
  9. I own our PA :p

    We use it as an amp and plug straight into though, and drums are loud enough, and if we ever get a gig we're planning on doing the same, only letting my PA be linked up to the club's PA.. ;)

    Well, this is until we become rich and famous and buy lotsa PROPER equipment, my PA gives a decent sound anyway ! :D

    Im thinking of taking a course in sound-audio, so I learn to use the desks etc..

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