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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Rockin John, Feb 26, 2002.

  1. OK. I'm going to have to rely on y'alls good nature and not roast me for this one....It's just that I've got enough time to post, but none to do a detailed search. Gotta rush away, you see.......

    I've been offered a swap: some surplus kit for him and an Aria bass for me.

    Don't yet know how old or what model but is there any wisdom on Aria basses. Any models / years to avoid are they OK as a make, etc, that sort of thing?

    Help appreciated.

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    Jan 20, 2002
    Great Britain
    I picked up an Aria in a music shop last week. I'm still in need of a chiropractor....

    To be honest, I didn't play it - the weight was enough to put me off! But then, I'm only a girlie so whaddaya expect? ;)

    I have a Washburn xb100 too - well, I did until a couple of hours ago when I relinquished it to another needy bass player. Nice bass. I get my new one tomorrow. A jazz bass. A good looking jazz bass. A very good looking jazz bass. (rubs hands in glee)

    Nuthin' expensive, though (read: seriously cheap!). I'm an impecunious bass playin' gothwench who's saving her pennies for when she's REALLY good!

    I use Tab. Can't use a pick for love nor money, athough I still try.... Jaco who? ;)
  3. Depends on what kinda bass it is, I have a new Aria IGB 68 myself witch I use kinda as a back up bass. It plays great, looks fine and it isn't heavy at all. Most of the new Aria basses are quite good (as long as you don't get the P style basses witch don't look very good to me). If it is an Aria from the IGB series it should be alright (especially if it is an IGB 65 or 68). Now the older Aria basses are something different. Especially in the eighties (if I'm not mistaking) Aria used to make great and very high end basses (the SB series). IMO Aria isn't bad at all, you should be able to get yourself a nice bass...
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