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    ARIA PRO II CLIFF BURTON SIGNATURE BASS GUITAR , absolutely mint as new still has plastic on the pickup and control plate also still has hang tag attached an exact reproduction of the last bass cliff played on tour before he sadly died the Aria SB-Elite

    these were limited to 250 instruments and built in the FujiGen Custom Shop

    I bought this new and can provide a purchase receipt to the new owner if required

    no trades please socially distanced collection welcome from Brighton or happy to ship worldwide as I have the original box and packaging it came to me in

    The Aria Pro II Cliff Burton Signature Bass is a replica of the Black ‘n Gold I bass that Cliff played. Painstaking attention to detail was taken to build a tribute bass. It has a 7-ply maple/walnut neck with a neck-through, heel-less neck design. It has the same headstock with the patent statement on the front and Cliff Burton’s authorized signature on the back of the headstock. Each of the tuners are handcrafted out of brass and gold-plated and the 40mm nut is made of brass. The neck has a 34 inch scale with 24 frets. The fretboard is made of rosewood with cat eye and mother of pearl inlays.

    The body is the original SB shape and made of alder. The Aria Pro II Cliff Burton Signature Bass is loaded with an Aria MB-V passive pickup. It has a single tone and volume control with a dual sound mini-toggle switch. The bridge is solid brass with gold plated saddles. The bass will ship inside of a deluxe ostrich hardshell case and a certificate of authenticity signed by Ray Burton

    a few links with lots of info :

    Aria Guitars To Unveil Cliff Burton Signature Bass at NAMM

    SB-BLACK’N GOLD I -Cliff Burton- – Aria Guitars

    60873A7D-EE2A-4337-8C1C-7B959D5F2B00.jpeg 5EB2288F-9829-4890-A7B7-983045AE5E8E.jpeg 2EE5E42E-638E-46F3-AE34-714EC0924F31.jpeg 38069CAA-A313-4366-8F1C-2235BF536C84.jpeg 3DA9229E-6317-4E80-9BF9-25D98DD251B0.jpeg 67B8FF03-31F3-49A9-8C8A-9A7E4AD9D414.jpeg 25DD3494-5890-4ED3-B0CD-C664D60CE61E.jpeg E0988670-9DA3-4B19-8DAA-B3291F0D385C.jpeg 68426ED2-C180-40EF-8685-5291FE0C85BB.jpeg 9E1970F8-501C-4C73-9B52-FA19267AA1C0.jpeg EDCB1649-C5C2-42DA-873D-4363D7CA18ED.jpeg 7F6D0954-2643-4064-A3B4-A9D7236CC874.jpeg 6A0F9FEB-7672-489A-85CE-344618EFCC79.jpeg CE50F376-797D-400C-8FCC-019E6125CD19.jpeg
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