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  1. Hey all! First post to the board from the brand-new owner of an Aria Pro II TSB-550 "Thor Sound" bass. I got this via a trade from a pawn shop owner, and he only did the deal I got because the original pickup has been replaced and the toggle switch is broken. I am here to ask two questions;
    One-Is there a stock over the counter pickup that would do well in the bass, or would someone be kind enough to direct me to someone here in the Midwest that could help? I would like to stay as true to the original look/sound as I possibly can.
    2-Can I replace the toggle switch with something stock, or should I look for an original Fujisoku? I've seen a couple on eBay, just don't know if it matters.
    I'd appreciate any help with this that I can get, thanks for the time. Thanks again, Paul
  2. Look for the Aria Pro II thread in "Basses". The guys there have extremely large brains and a knowledge base that goes beyond Arias. A few of them will have answers for any question you ask. One guy actually clued me in on the meaning of life.
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    I think I remember seeing a replacement pickup for the Aria Pro II at the Aero Instrument web site. If so, you cannot go wrong with Aero pickups. I have the Jazz model and it is the best pickup I have ever heard.
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    If you want the same look and sound then I think Rautia is the way to go. You can even get them with the exposed pole pieces like the TSB-550 had. The switch is easy to replace since it's just a DPDT switch with On/On positions.

    Good luck!