Aria STB Jazz

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    Jan 19, 2019
    Im a bit of a buyer/seller type of bassist. Im really into guitars and string instruments really. I like looking at them, and for them to buy and I’ve got a (imo) good handle on prices and spotting a bargain. So this morning (uk) on the dreaded Facebook marketplace pops up an “bass guitar”. Turns out to be an Aria STB-Series 4 string in sunburst. It caught my eye because a very good friend and old band mate has an aria guitar in sunburst which he’s had for years (playing in a band with him using the aria almost 20 years ago…feels like yesterday) he’s affectionately called in “Shatners Ghost”. Anyway I sent a few messages as I wanted this BARGAIN.
    just wondering as I can’t find anything…I thought I was a 90s made in China. But from what I can see it’s either an 80s model (1980) or a 2009 version. I’m stumped. Any help would be appreciated while I come up with a plan on what I’m going to do with this bass. CH093120
    And how I’m going to sneak it in to the house.
    oh and it cost me a whopping £20! I’m trained in set ups so that will be free. new Strings-£20-40 maybe.
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