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    Nov 11, 2016
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    Arkham Abyss tube bass preamp for sale. Handmade in Maine and modeled after an Ampeg B15, but with some modern twists.

    $600 shipped.

    Sounds huge, warm, and round. I’ve used it for recording and it sounds like a mic’d tube amp, especially with the built in HPF and resonance boost.

    It is in great shape, comes with the rack kit, extra larger feet for clearing a cab handle, and a really nice padded bag.

    Power cable included as well, though it is not the original one. It fits nicely but is not super tight in the socket.

    Hit me up with any questions!

    Here is a link to the listing on Reverb - showing my seller history as well (preferred seller, quick shipper, etc.):
    Arkham Abyss Bass Preamp | Kirby's Outpost | Reverb

    Here is a great review with more info:
    Review – Arkham Abyss Tube Bass Preamp

    37FD0678-3BCA-4037-8816-FF985BFA2004.jpeg 10B45A80-B779-4DAE-B63E-DF08E9F7CBBB.jpeg 9D2BE195-C6DF-4EA7-8D58-27636AC09C31.jpeg 709AE6AD-2D10-40A7-A3F6-D6BEB116247E.jpeg DF4BDE89-05CE-44D2-954A-2B1E0A9E528E.jpeg E5BCDDA6-2B50-4B80-AFC8-737CF660DC14.jpeg 46E7059B-17C4-40B7-9DE8-FDF15006B4D0.jpeg 77729325-5C96-4DE5-BC61-452E3FC42C24.jpeg B3872276-59D5-485F-9FB9-57848B752170.jpeg 24954D2E-0FC7-44E2-92E1-41CA3D063C3D.jpeg 761CF052-84FD-4474-B0AD-7073C6DAA719.jpeg F44AD43D-28C6-4E75-9792-7A895645543B.jpeg 2B83649E-D4A9-4749-8560-86381FCC0EA9.jpeg
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