SOLD Arkham Zephyr 1U Tube Preamp

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    Gently used in excellent condition, functions perfectly. Chassis is clean no scratches, tiny bend to the lower right rack ear which straightens out when racked. Great sounding amp.

    Price includes FedEx / UPS GROUND shipping in the CONUS ONLY

    PayPal or Venmo payment accepted
    PM with questions

    SPECS below.


    Tube Bass pre-amplifier inspired by the Ampeg Portaflex series.

    The Zephyr features:
    -12AX7 preamp tube selected for low noise and good tone, run at 300V B+ (not a starved plate design).

    -Mosfet buffered Lo-Z output, drives modern solid state power amps or recording interfaces with ease

    -Gain, Treble, Bass controls - uses a James Tonestack to provide a wide adjustment range with minimal interaction

    -Range control sweeps the tonestack "midpoint" anywhere between 150Hz and 1KHz

    -Hi switch adds a "bright cap" to the circuit to open up the high frequencies a bit

    -Mid switch provides a healthy bump around 250Hz

    -Lo switch another healthy bump, this time at 80Hz

    -HPF switch - Passive filter (-6dB/Octave) set at 100Hz

    -Mute switch - sweet silence at the flick of a switch

    -Low impedance output, with an additional thru jack for splitting your Bass signal to another amp

    -Balanced DI output, featuring an excellent Cinemag transformer for full frequency response. Ground lift switch for good measure

    -Separate master volumes for preamp out and balanced out. Lets you dial in some grit, and adjust stage volume to the board

    -DC referenced heaters, for ultra quiet operation

    -Turret board construction, Mil-spec Teflon wire, etc.

    -Carling switches, Switchcraft jacks, Belton sockets, etc.

    -Powder-coated steel 1U chassis. Weighs ~8 lb.

    -Heavy gauge aluminum faceplate, all stainless steel hardware

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    Yes. PMed.
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    Nov 13, 2002
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    PM replied, thanks