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Arlington Guitar Show

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Stu L., Oct 17, 2002.

  1. Stu L.

    Stu L.

    Nov 27, 2001
    Corsicana, Texas
    Anyone else going?
  2. Yup.
  3. SoComSurfing

    SoComSurfing Mercedes Benz Superdome. S 127. R 22. S 12-13.

    Feb 15, 2002
    Mobile, Al
    I may be heading out there.
  4. ...dont tell me its this weekend.
  5. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    :rolleyes: natch [​IMG]

    big goin's on at the job this weekend and I'm the
    idiot with a work ethic that always answers their pager [​IMG]
  6. Try to buy something from Bass Palace's THE SWAMI while you're down there. His lieutenant Bernardo promised me a GS112 plus $300 cash a while back, but said the store didn't have enough cash on hand to make the deal until His Swaminess returned from Arlington, presumably with enormous amounts of cash in hand.
  7. Stu L.

    Stu L.

    Nov 27, 2001
    Corsicana, Texas
    Who said anything about spending money Peter?;)
    I'm lucky the wife is even letting me go.
  8. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
  9. Oh, it's in Texas, huh?

    I herard about this at another forum, but, dunderhead that I am, I thought it was in Arlington, VA. :oops:

    Imagine if there was a show in Rome, N.Y. and I booked a flight to...:D

    Mike J.
  10. Stu L.

    Stu L.

    Nov 27, 2001
    Corsicana, Texas
    I met Zakk Wylde. One of my heroes. Got a pic and 3 autographs. A good highlight.

    Peter, your Bass Palace had a nice booth. However, they were a bit rude. Just looking around, I couldnt even get a "hello", and all questions were answered shortly. Oh well.

    Other than that, I was dissapointed. Not many basses at all. I did see a couple'a Fodera's, a few 'Rays, and tons of vintage Fenders (All OVERPRICED, even after my great barganing skills). Most vendors wouldnt give you the time of day. Oh well, their loss. It was only a $10 admission, and $5.00 to park. I will return next year, and to the one in Dallas as well. Maybe I can get a "Better luck next time"?:rolleyes:
  11. Bob's been having some family problems lately--I think his mother is either dying or dead. It's not an excuse for being impolite, but it's an explanation.
  12. The folks at Bass Palace didn't seem interested in making sales. Sword's Music had an Ovation ABG that I almost bought, Untill I noticed a few "Issues" it had. I'm glad it had a few problems, otherwise my wife wouldn't have let me come home!

    I did buy a Danelectro eStudio headphone practice amp for $10.00 from the AllParts booth.

    It was also cool to see The Lightcrust Doughboys play. I thought I saw Eric Johnson too!
  13. Stu L.

    Stu L.

    Nov 27, 2001
    Corsicana, Texas
    Sorry to hear that. After reading Aluminum's post, I agree. There were 2 guys there, and it took alot from me to get a few answers.
  14. Bard2dbone


    Aug 4, 2002
    Arlington TX
    Awwwwwwww Crap on a cracker!!!!!

    I forgot it was this weekend! And I live in Arlington!

    Aint that enough to make a nun kick a baby.

    Okay I'm under control again. So did anybody have any high end basses at this years show?

    Last time I got to the Arlington show Warrior had a booth, one or two people had Moduluses, a guy had a pre-Gibson Tobias and there were 374,992 Fenders.

    Does that sound like the one I missed?
  15. Well....pretty much. :)
  16. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member


    I wanted to go, but my finances are so bad that I couldn't afford tickets. Just like the Rush concert and the Dream Theater concert. Oh well. That's life!

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