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Army of Anyone- Boston 11-21 @ the Paradise

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Mon Rominee, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. Ok, so I go to this show with lofty expectations, as I have the CD now, and it's still sinking in, and in a way the "jury is still out". It's really good and plenty rawkin, but I had no idea what joy was in store for me.

    The openner was a band, iirc, called Jonny Skillsaw, they are from NY. Asked by AOA to open the show, 2nd nite of AOA's tour. They were pretty cool, just drums, and a gent playing hybrid bass / keyboard mutations (think bass with a keyboard, or in one case, slide guitar duct-taped / fastenned to the bass, played simultaneously) that were pretty cool, but a bit gimicky after a while. Some good covers (a Neil Young tune, and Benny and the Jets by Elton come to mind) Thing is, with bands like this, if you're gonna go a bit "out there", you should be able to wow not just with the idea, but make the whole so tight that it becomes that much more impressive...these guys were cool, yet a little "loose" for what it was they were going for. For better examples, think projects like "Self". Kindred spiritsmusically, but so much tighter. It didn't help the singer had a gin-soaked growl that had no range. Ok, enough picking, I did dig them.

    Then AOA takes the stage, openning with "Generations". Damn good openner. Rob plays his signature Schecter T thru some Ampeg cabs, couldn't make out the amps, but the tone was plenty good. His chops are dead on, and he switches to a cool Jazz-8 string bass at one point that sounded godlike. He brought that out for "Hey Man nice Shot" iirc. They launch into three more tracks off the record, and then bang into Vaseline by STP. The place, havning already gone nuts, goes absolutely ballistic. They follw it with "Take a Picture" by Filter and again, sing alongs aplenty.

    Three more AOA tracks in, and a Led Zep instrumental later (I apologise for not remembering the tune's name, but it was beautiful) they build from another STP tune (Big Bang Baby) and rawk into "Welcome to the Fold" by Filter. I almost died. I was supposed to see FIlter a few years ago, and the show was cancelled because of Richard Patrick's stint in rehab, but that was one of my Fave Filter tunes, and one of my faves ever, and they pulled it off so well, my friend Jon and I went absolutely nucking futs.

    Richard Patrick is the best singer in rawk. Damnit. He can croon, sing, and wail, but there's still a solid note behind it. He was ON last nite. I mean damnit, he was really good...and I've never seen him happier to rawk out to some Filter tunes...kid ina candy shop.

    Dean DeLeo is a guitar master. I mean really. He had a rack of magic and two Marshall cabs with an AC30 wedged between them, and changed guitars every song, and pulls such glorious tones out of his rig that is was this side of heavenly. Truly awesome. Ray Luzier is prolly the tightest, yet still flashy true drum bashers out there, great showmanship, really cool vista-lite kit, and plenty of chops...at times a little showy, but still ridiculously cool.

    They played one more STP tune (I forget the title) and "hey Man nice Shot" before leaving the stage briefly...then came back and played "Dissapear" and closed with the single "Goodbye". Man oh man, the place was erupting, like molten lava. So much fun. I have been a long time away from a true, fun balls out rock show, and I loved being in the middle of it...so awesome, and the band and the music translated so well in the venue, it's like they have been playing together for years.



    MAJOR METAL The Beagle Father Supporting Member

    Awesome thanks for sharing ! I have got to check them out, I still kick myself for not going to see STP when I had the chance.
  3. ihateusernames


    Jun 26, 2006
    We're already contemplating adding Goodbye to our setlist...glad to hear it's the closer!

    Thanks for the review of the show. It's nice they're able to play some or their respective bands music. It's amazing how much the crowd reacts to 'covers' when a band plays an awesome album of their own tunes.

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