Army-style bass clef hats, round 4!

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  1. I meant to have this posted last night, but I've had kind of a rough weekend. :sigh:

    At any rate, nothing really has changed since the last go-round, except this time I'm not trying to make anything off of these. The Bazaar here is a great spot for commercial interests, but I just didn't make enough last time for it to be worth the hassle of upgrading my account, keeping it going, and whatnot.

    For those of you on the fence, this is the third time we've done a group order - and I've shipped these hats worldwide. I have a pretty good handle on this, and I'll guarantee you'll get what you order, or I'll bust my butt to fix it free of charge. And if you're wondering what I "made" off the last run or two, it wasn't much - look at the "Round 1" link in my sig - I think I took in close to $1K and ended up pocketing ~$50 plus a hat or two, which was considered fair compensation for the legwork involved.

    First, pics of the actual product:




    For the size-conscious buyer, here's a pic of the back velcro closure. This hat has been adjusted to fit my own rather large dome - 7-3/4 - and you can see there's still PLENTY of velcro to go. I think you 8-1/2 guys will be fine.


    Now, the info/ordering instructions:

    Hats (Army-style or ball cap) are $20US each, if they're being shipped anywhere in the US, Canada, or Mexico. Beanies are $15US each.

    :EDIT: Just for clarification - prices are with shipping costs included.

    If they're being shipped internationally, hats are $30US each for the first hat, and $15US each for up to two additional hats, unless and until some generous person steps up and makes a donation to defray that added shipping cost. (Hey, it happened once!) Beanies/toques are $25 for the first, and $15 for each additional (whether hat OR beanie).

    Shipping across the pond (Atlantic OR Pacific), in my experience, more or less doubles the cost of shipping. It cost me more to ship a hat or two to Japan and Australia than the cost of the hat itself, in the first round of these. I averaged out the cost to ship 10 hats overseas, and came up with that figure as a median, regardless of whether I was shipping to the UK, South Africa, or Japan. This way the cost of shipping is evened out a bit.

    Determine how many hats you want, and what colors you want, following the instructions in the thread. You have 6 different hat colors available to you.

    You can get any combination of 1 hat and 1 color thread available on site - so there are five colors to choose from including Black, Chocolate Brown, Khaki, Olive, and Camouflage. For the ball cap and/or toque/beanie crowd, here are your color choices:

    :EDIT: Pics of ball caps / beanies are in post #5

    Thick Stitch Cap (cap color/stitching color)
    Burnt Orange/Stone
    Chocolate Brown/Stone
    Light Olive
    Light Olive/Stone
    Maritime Blue

    And for the toques/beanies:
    Athletic Oxford (gray)
    Columbia Blue (light blue)
    Light Pink

    As far as thread goes, Sports Connection has dozens of colors, so feel free to be somewhat picky - but let's try to keep it to the basics. Any of the primary or secondary colors (i.e. blue, red, yellow, green, orange, purple) with the descriptors "light" or "dark" is about as complicated as I want to get. If you say "light red" I'm going to assume you mean pink, by the way. Black, white, brown, and khaki (tan) are also acceptable. If you have a specific color you just DESPERATELY have to have, PM me and I'll work with you. The thread choices are really up to you - they have LOTS of different colors to choose from, so if you pick something not too out of the ordinary, they probably have it. This means blue, or red, pink, yellow, etc. But only one color thread per hat - they upcharge for more than one color per hat. And I'm sorry to say that we could not find a good match for the "Markbass yellow" thread. :hrm:

    Important note: Only one color thread per hat. Multi-color embroidery drives prices up, so I decided that one color would be enough.
    Now, you've decided:

    1) How many hats you want.
    2) What style(s) you want.
    3) Color schemes for each item.
    4) The total for your order (using the prices above)

    Log into PayPal and send that amount (i.e. $20, $40, $60US) to [email protected]. This payment is for GOODS, not gift or service.

    In the "Email to recipient" SUBJECT line, please put your TB username.

    In the MESSAGE block, please use this format to specify your hat preferences:

    #1 Hat color/thread color - #2 Hat color/thread color - #3 etc.

    For example - my order will look like this:

    Black/white - Camo/black

    Repeat this as many times as is necessary, and use a new line for each hat. Please do NOT:

    Black/khaki/blue/pink = because I won't understand what you want.

    If you DO NOT SPECIFY what color scheme you want, I will assume you want a black hat with white embroidery.

    Please ensure that your PayPal address is the address where you want the hat(s) to be shipped. If it is not, please send me a PM via TB with the correct address and your real name - sometimes Paypal doesn't tell me that "bassguy26" is Bob Jackem.

    I will stop taking payments at 2pm EST on [DEL]Monday the 30th of April[/DEL] :EDIT: Wednesday the 2nd of May. The order will be placed shortly after that time, and I expect delivery within a couple of weeks. The hats SHOULD be mailed out the week of May 14th, and you should all have them within 6-10 business days at the latest, so you'll be able to sport them for all the Memorial Day gigs (here in the States, anyway - for the rest of you, you'll be able to sport them on... umm... Sunday?) lol.

    Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee the dates - found this out the second go-round. There are only so many machines at this embroidery shop, and they may be backlogged. I will guarantee to keep you posted with updates, as I get them.

    I think I've covered everything, if I've missed anything feel free to PM me.

    Also, before I forget - if you're paying via money order, please PM me for an address. I don't want to just put it out here.

  2. StevieMac


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    Payment sent for two of the army style. :cool:
  3. etoncrow

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    Payment sent for two army style black/white
  4. MX21


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    Do you have any pics of the different colors? What color is "stone"? Around here, the stones are a rust color.

    What is "nickel"? A light gray?

  5. StevieMac and etoncrow, got both your payments, you're all set, thanks!

    For the rest of you -

    This is the link that will show you approximate colors for ball caps:

    District Threads | DT610


    And this is the link that will show you approximate colors for beanies/toques:

    Sports Connection, Fleece/Beanies, Port & Company<sup>®</sup> - Knit Skull Cap. CP94


    Now, I've been PM'd by a guy overseas without a Paypal account. Here's the deal - IF you PM me and say you're sending me money - preferably cashier's check or money order - through the post, then I should get it before the ordering window closes. I'm not comfortable with bank transfers or Western Union-type wire transfers, but I'm willing to stick my neck out for my fellow low-enders.

    Here's the deal, though - you PM me and say you don't have a Paypal account, that's fine. You tell me what you want - as long as you have some positive feedback and more than just a post or two on here - I will go ahead and order it on April 30th/May 1st. If I don't have your money before then I'll cover it. If I don't have your money by shipping day, I won't ship your order. I feel like that's more than fair, so there you have it.

    Alternatively, you could probably find someone close to you that does have a Paypal account - as long as you PM me with their name, your name, and mailing address, I'll consider that as good as you sending it yourself. I won't give out anyone else's information, though - you have to provide it to me, in the interest of keeping people's privacy.

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    Payment sent .... thanks for setting this up ... :cool:
  7. Bump. Payment sent.

    Thanks for doing this.
  8. MX21, Pointbass, and Philonius, you guys are all set now, thank you!

    Little "first-thing-in-the-morning" bump. Where are all my "I want one as soon as you start taking payments I'm ordering" people from the feeler thread?

  9. I don't know about anyone else, but I'll be waiting 'till the 20th to go busking for the 20 bucks. I'll busk all day if I have to, which I probably will.
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    I'll be in on or shortly after the 25th. I only get paid once a month and by the end of that month... Talk about budgeting!
  11. PayPal sent for one army hat and one beanie.


  12. MatticusMania

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    Im in for a beanie, but I dont have a paypal account.
    Id be willing to send a money order or give some cash to another TBer to place my order.
    Whats the color of the beanie in post #5? Im diggin that, but might prefer brown or stone.
  13. Dbbxyx, Mr. Rosenberg (you didn't include your TB username, please PM me!), and BartmanPDX, you guys are all set, thank you!

    Matticus - You're in SoCal, so you can probably find another TBer locally, or you're welcome to PM me for my mailing address, I'm fine with whatever you choose. The beanie in post #5 is black - here it is on my ugly mug:

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    Hi. User name is dbbxyz. I didn't have a "Email to recipient" or 'SUBJECT line' on my phone app... Sorry.

    Thanks for all your efforts on this. Very cool. Thanks
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    I'm in as soon as i have money again, which is friday :p so be patient my friend.
  16. No worries guys, just giving a poke at all the folks who were so excited when I posted the feeler thread. There's plenty of time - intentionally - so don't break the bank.

    I need a PM from Mr. David Rosenberg, whoever you are. I got your payment, but not your TB username. Not that it matters much, but I keep track via usernames.
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    I get paid tomorrow at midnight so I'm placing my order on Friday. Thanks again for putting this all together!
  18. Giving this thread a little nudge, in case some haven't seen it yet...

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    Anyone in SoCal with Paypal wanna help your fellow brethren out?
  20. I'll hook you up Matt, you gots a PM