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ART Tube MP Studio Mic Preamp

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by azureblue, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Has anyone tried this for bass, for live and studio? The $30 price is tough to beat.......
  2. I tried it a few years ago....it's ok but not great....I use the VT Bass pedal now and it's much better IMO....at least for the sound I was looking for.
  3. The ART Tube MP is a pretty useful box and a decent DI for bass and other instruments. I does add a touch of the magic tube quality, clean gain and a touch of compression but it's not a magical warmth monster that some seem to expect (dare I say foolishly). I have several that see use for various purposes: with my passive ABG and other acoustics*, some older mics and my wife uses one to phantom power the mini condenser she uses for her horns. The OPL can be quite handy on bass and drums.

    *It really does something special on my 12 string and classical.
  4. I have the basic version (the personal one, not the Studio version), and it's great for what I use it for, which is really just to have enough power to drive my power amp with a 10-band graphic EQ, and other effects if I decide to, but it really doesn't do much more than that. The tube adds a subtle touch, but you may only really notice the difference with side-by-side recordings.

    What are you hoping for it to do?
  5. Uncle Snake

    Uncle Snake

    Jan 1, 2010
    Years ago we tried one out with a variety of tubes and the tone changed noticebly with each tube. I bring this up because the little box did some very good things when matching the right tube to the right bass. All around the NOS Mullard was the winner improving the low end depth and weight without making it flabby and adding some harmonic goodness to the middle and top without mucking everything up.
  6. I'm looking for a little bit of warmth and tube compression, to use with my MB212.
  7. Connected to my own rig .... for the music that I make, it is the perfect choice. However, what that does not mean is that it will work for you.

    Major-huge-mondo-very*first*thing*that*should*be*in*your*head is Keep your expectations in check.

    Keep in mind it is just a mic-preamp/DI. A $30 mic-preamp/DI.

    Probably the single best tube-driven goody I ever owned was an HHB Fat Man stereo compressor. If I couldn't drag my SVT/610 to a gig, all I needed was the Fat Man.
  8. I've got Behringer's version of the ART Tube MP Studio (Tube Ultragain MIC200, couldn't find ART's version when I bought mine). I used it as a stand alone DI for a while, before I got my SansAmp RBI. Now, I sometimes blend both the SansAmp and the MIC200 together to kick back some mids in my sound.
    At 30$, it's a pretty useful tool.
  9. tabdog


    Feb 9, 2011
    Just not good enough at all.

  10. In what way? What were you expecting from it?
  11. I feel like it's better than nothing. As in if it is used sparingly it can add some warmth to your tone without detracting anything from it.

    But everyone I know who has bought one has eventually upgraded to something else, so you have to consider whether you want to spend 30 bucks on something you are going to replace down the road or just save up for something better.
  12. Ok, I'll ask again .. better in what way? So far everyone that has said there's something better available hasn't been very specific. Better how? In what way are these preamps "not as good" as something else?

    Once again I have to say, what is it that is being expected of these things? They are mic preamps, they aren't "bass preamps", they don't have any tone controls or anything like that. They simply add a stage to your gain structure. They add volume to your signal. That's all they are designed to do.

    If they're being purchased in the hopes that they'll be compressors, and tonal shapers .. well, they're just a mic preamp they simply increase the signal level that is sent to them ... which is just what a mic preamp is supposed to do. And I think as mic preamps go they work just fine with no need to "save up for something else". If they are being purchased to be used like a full-on bass preamp .. well no kidding they aren't as good as something designed to fill that function. You're buying a spoon to use as a fork.

    So what is it that is being expected? I'm not getting these responses.
  13. Exactly!
  14. It does exactly what it was intended to do which is to be an inexpensive tube mic preamp and DI. A good tube mic preamp should be clean, transparent, quiet and offer an ample gain stage.

    It is not a magical "tube" tone generator, overdrive, EQ or other type of device (that some people seem to expect).

    Are there better DIs for bass or mic pre amps, certainly but most of the "better" units are significantly more expensive by a factor of 2 to 1000 times the cost. For 30 bucks it's a bargain & pretty useful box.

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