Artcore AGB 140 tone issues

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    Mar 26, 2011
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    I have a artcore AGB 140 bass It is really a beautiful when I got it from the music store you know how they have it(with the most ratttiest strings in life the tone was so so and i figure some strings should do the I play rotosound funkmaster 90-30 strings so I should definely hear the funk out of them right? 2 words(sucked a**) :bawl:still had to play with my amp to get harmonics and bass in general to have range and not mono sounding. I tried emailing emg to see if they offer the same size pickup to change dude emailed me once and that was it(no cust service these days) I looked on ebay for a preamp kit for my other bass and saw one that fit the artcore and ordered a 2 pot 2 band 1 pickup active preamp kit. All I can say is OMG!!!:hyper: The pickup is Alive!!!! LMAO the swap out wasnt bad to do and the price for the kit was I think 40 bucks and it has turned that bass around the bass sound is meaty the highs are crisp and the harmonics are great same pickup with a lil love goes along way..

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