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artificial Harmonics

Discussion in 'Ask David Overthrow' started by ibanezgsr200 14, Mar 9, 2007.

  1. ibanezgsr200 14

    ibanezgsr200 14

    Mar 8, 2007
    Hey Dave wondering if you could help me out how do you make artificial harmonics ive been wondering this for a while please help me out-James
  2. Hi James, Artificial harmonics are cool in that they help expand the possibilities and allow you to play harmonics at every note on the fingerboard. This gives you a more complete range of notes.

    To play an artificial harmonic, use your left hand to stop the string against the fingerboard, as you normally would, and use the other thumb of the other hand to lightly touch one of its nodes and the first finger to pluck the string. The trick is to catch the correct node and to touch the string at just the proper place: halfway between the bridge of your left hand for the 2nd harmonic (the octave), one –third of this length for the 3rd harmonic (the 5th), one quarter this length for the 4th harmonic (the second octave), etc..

    For example, play the 12th fret note G on the G string with your left hand. Touch the string lightly with your right thumb at the midway point halfway between the bridge and the 12th fret. While doing this, also pluck the string with your first finger of your right hand. You will then hear G, an octave above the stopped string. It might take some time to find the midway point. When you do find it, keep your left hand at the 12th fret and move your right hand progressively closer to the bridge, plucking then deadening the string as before. With some investigation in finding the nodes and practice in playing them, you should be able to play and hear a whole new set of harmonics. Diagrams would assist in explaining how to play these harmonics, but hopefully this has helped you a bit.

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