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Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by Slaine01, Sep 27, 2001.

  1. Has anybody ever heard of a brand called "Artiste"
    I have just brought one as a 3/4 non-laminate and love it but I can't figure out where it is from?
  2. Georgia Watt

    Georgia Watt Guest

    Mar 2, 2002
    I agree - I love the look and sound of an Artiste! They make a great product across the string family.

    I'll get back to you shortly, in the next few days RE: Artiste's background.

    What model DB did you get? I'm tossing up between getting a #95 or #100. I've owned the SV-500 violin for a few years now and really happy with the make.

  3. Thanks, I look forward to hearing from a fellow Aussie player...
  4. Georgia Watt

    Georgia Watt Guest

    Mar 2, 2002
    Ok, I found out at work today that they're actually a Chinese make. Need any further info?

    And tomorrow I order myself a SB100 :D Decided its better to spend a few extra hundred to get the spruce top, over the plywood.

    So what model do you have?
  5. I've got the SB100 3/4 and love it.
    I actually ordered it through The Australian Academy of Music up there in Brisbane and got it shipped down. The service was fantastic and I got the Bass,( including set-up) fishmann transducer carry bag and shipping for only $2600.
    You will love it (until we all save up enough to buy a "Kay.........etc") but I haven't had any problems with it and they appear to be well made.
    Any more info on the Artiste brand would be great.
    Thanks for the feedback!
    Any other Southern Hemisphere Bassists out there?
  6. Georgia Watt

    Georgia Watt Guest

    Mar 2, 2002
    :p I actually work at the Australian Academy of Music up here in Brisie!! Glad to hear you liked the service & still happy with the Artiste. I'm getting mine set up tomorrow so I'll let you know what I think of it real soon.

    How long have you been playing?
  7. I've been playing electric bass professionally now for 23 years and only started playing Upright for about a year.
    It certainly is a kick in the ass as far as how god I thought my reading skills were before,as you can't bluff your way through a Jazz gig, with flashy Victor Wooten type fills.
    Tell Kate that Mark from Sydney says G'day and thanks.
    Whats up with your web site?
    I am interested in ordering some more things from you guys but your sites been down for a while now.
  8. Georgia Watt

    Georgia Watt Guest

    Mar 2, 2002
    The Academy has undergone managerial and ownership changes over the past few months and they're in the process of designing a new one. Last I heard, the launch wasnt too far away.

    Regardless, is there anything in particular you were after? Post me a message and I'll get back to you with prices if you want.

  9. Can you guys import amps from the U.S.?
    I am interested in getting a "Contra" amp (made by Acoustic Image).
    I think they are the best Upright Amp around.
    There doesn't appear to be an importer here in Australia and the closest is in Auckland- but I figure it would be more expensive to go through another importer.
    Check out Acoustic Images web page for details.
  10. Georgia Watt

    Georgia Watt Guest

    Mar 2, 2002
    Heya Slaine

    Just had a chat to one of the guys in the P.A. dept. He said we don't have the Contra's but highly recommended the Gallien-Krueger 400 RB210 for the job.

    Check out for more info. They retail at AUS$1999.

    Hope this helps! Let me know how you go.
  11. For Upright you REALLY should be looking at the Contra.
    I have played GK's for years before moving up to Eden and can't turn back.
    Is it possible to import through you guys?
    It works out to be about $2000 Aus for the Contra.
  12. Also the Contra is a 1/4 of the weight and more powerful (300 watts) than the GK 400 2x10 for the same price.
  13. Georgia Watt

    Georgia Watt Guest

    Mar 2, 2002
    Sorry bout the late reply.

    Will look into importing it tomorrow when I go back to work. I cant see it being a problem though!
  14. Sweeeeeet!
    I appreciate the help!
  15. Georgia Watt

    Georgia Watt Guest

    Mar 2, 2002
    Sorry to get your hopes up :(

    Spoke to the boss and unfortunately it's a no go. Shipping a single amp from the States is a little risky, considering potential damage in postage and handling on a single item.

    We therefore couldn't cover you for warranty, (let alone the rest!!) for that price. I'm thinking its going to be better if you purchase it yourself online!

    I found a website where you can buy it:

    Sorry couldn't be anymore useful. Let me know how it goes!
  16. No worrys - Thanks for the effort.
    To all distributers in Australia get off your butts and become the Australian importer for this amp!!!!
    We all remember the agent who refused to sign up the Beatles because he didn't think they were any good!
    This amp is awesome and we need it "Down Under" (if I keep this up maybe Accoustic Image will send me one for free.........................)
  17. Sorry for dredging up a long dead thread, but i am also looking for any info i can find on artiste basses. i did a search and this thread is the only one that came up.

    ironically enough, i too am in brisbane.
  18. Greetings to my fellow D/Bers in AUSSIE and in particular those in Brissie. Hi Georgia, have not seen you around the Academy much lately.... have you moved into the office area?
    Anyway, YES to the "ARTISTE" I to have an SB-100 FULL SIZE which I purchased from the Academy about 6 Months back,$1800.00 with a bow and a set of Spiro's ( Drove a hard bargin) I also have a 3/4 "Ernst Keller". I agree , I can't FAULT the Artiste,I would have preferred a Carved unit but, as I don't have the likes of 6K + I have settled on both my basses being Plywood... I don't have a problem with this and, between the 2 basses I run in excess of 5 pick-ups + AKG mikes so I pretty well cover the board. No doubt about it, the BEST transducer I have is the DBT (Double Big Twin) from "All Hail Bob". and the worst is the trusted but very tinny Fishman.
    Regarding AMPS, YES I to tried to find an agent here in AUSSIE for the CONTRA.... THERE AINT ONE!
    And Don't go through New Zealand it's Just TOO COSTLY!. I am currently getting some bucks together to buy the AI CODA through BOB GOLLIHUR he can have if landed at my door GUARANTEED POSTAGE INSURED for $1750.00 Aussie on the exchange rate about 3 weeks back. That's GOOD buying, considering I paid $1995.00 for the GK 400RB with 2X10 last January... And I believe that the Acoustic Image would run rings around the GK.
    I also use a Trace ElliotCombo ... used mainly with my 5 string Warwick. It cuts it nicely however, does not do wonders on the upright!
    If you want to get a NICE CHEAP little stand -by rig for your DB, don't go past the BERRINGER 1200 with footswitch / 2 channel.I screwed Ellaways down from $650.00 to $500.00 and I would put the sound of this little unit equal if not better than the GK @ nearly $2000.00.
    PS :- Back to the Artiste for a moment...the first thing I did when I got the bass home was take the bridge off and use that for fire starters , throw away the fencing wire , and put on a set of Obligatos then pick up an adjustable bridge from Bob Gollihur.... landed here about $75.00 aussie... made a BIG difference to the sound and action of the Artiste... By the way...Yes, they are Chinese and they come through Pro Music Australia.
    You CAN'T find any info on the web site of Artiste IO,ve looked ....they don't appear to least not in the English Language.

    Hope this is been of some help!:hyper:
  19. Ok so "artiste" is a brand name made up by the australian distributer.
    Any overseas folk recognise these model numbers?
    SB-100, SB-300, SB-500.
    theres also a little info and a pic or 2 here[/URL]

    hey powermans, where do you gig? any good recomendations for a teacher in brissie? What sort of warwick do you play?
  20. Hi Henny,
    I have a trio "Cooljas" Piano ,Drums ,& Me on D/B and Vocals, just finished 7 months at The Muddy Farmer Annerley, mainly work Corporate Gigs at the moment, the occasional Yacht Club at Southport.Remember, it's the "Devils Music" and their Aint! a lot of gigs to be least not for decent bucks. My son's a full time muso and he has just finished playing Hamilton Island for the past 3 weeks, he got good bucks/food & accomm. but, there was a 6 piece Jazz Group young guys! from the in Brissie who also were playing up there for 2 weeks for NO MONEY just 2 meals a day and a room!!!!+ Find their own way up & back from Brisbane! (Not Good for the industry)

    NO teacher , self/taught..... (Not Recommended) you pick up to many BAD WAYS, however, when you're between a Rock & Hard Place you sometimes have to go it alone! The only guy I know who's teaching a little bass around town is Laugh Easton.

    The 5 String Warwick is Streamer.... Not Bad !