As you all know I am the guy who had problems with neck on a Squire P bass I am putting a neck on i

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  1. I was going to trash the whole thing, but the body is like new. It also has SD 1/4 pounders in it and new pots. But without me knowing my wife bought me neck from Amazon, it looks nice has a vintage yellow type finish from the picture she sent me. its from a company called Musoo are something like that. They say its a copy of a Fender neck, anyway i have know choice its on its way here. I have a drill press so I am going to attempt to put it on myself, then have a setup done But not at guitar center I don't like that place at all they lost a bass of mine i was having pickups put in but thats another story I am 68yrs old, and back in the day done the work on all my guitars. the question finally do you guys think I should attempt. Or should I have a Pro do it. They charge around here a hundred to 150 to do it. What do you think please my brain says i can do it.